Frearson Plan Of Adelaide c1880 MAPCO

Frearson's Pocket Plan
Of The City Of Adelaide c1880

Robe Ward & North Park Lands Robe & MacDonnell Wards, & North Park Lands MacDonnell Ward & Plan Title MacDonnell Ward & References
Robe Ward & The Gaol Robe & MacDonnell Wards, & The Oval MacDonnell Ward & Botanic Park Hackney & References
Gawler Ward & West Park Lands Gawler Ward & North Terrace Hindmarsh Ward & North Terrace Young Ward & East Park Lands
Grey Ward & Public Cemetery Grey Ward & South Park Lands Young Ward & South Park Lands Young Ward & Old Race Course

Full Views Of The Wards Of Adelaide
Robe & MacDonnell Wards

Robe & MacDonnell Wards
MacDonnell Ward

MacDonnell Ward
Gawler Ward

Gawler Ward
Hindmarsh Ward

Hindmarsh Ward
Grey Ward

Grey Ward
Young Ward

Young Ward
North Terrace West c1880

North Terrace West c1880
North Terrace East c1880

North Terrace East c1880

The Map

Full Title:
Frearson's Pocket Plan of the City of Adelaide
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Frearson & Bro., Lithographers, Printers, & Publishers,
58 King William St., Adelaide.
49.3cm x 64.8cm (19.4" x 25.5")
10¼" : Approx 1 British Statute Mile
North Park Lands - East Park Lands -
South Park Lands - West Park Lands
Folding paper map of Adelaide, with soft card cover. Title set in top blank section of plan. No date. References to significant buildings at top right.
Vegetation indicated.

There are few known surviving copies of Frearson's 19th century maps of Adelaide. The earliest copy of an Adelaide plan printed by Frearson & Bro. appears to have been included as a supplement to the satirical publication The Portonian on 13 March 1875. It is described as "compiled and published by the proprietors, Frearson and Brother, Adelaide, 1874". It is probable that following the success of this initial Adelaide plan the Frearsons began producing a folding pocket plan for the benefit of travellers and visiting businessmen. In 1876 Frearson & Bro., News Agents, were situated in premises at 58 King William Street. Contemporary directories also record these premises as the offices of The Portonian and the Illustrated Adelaide News.

The rear soft card cover of the plan includes a full list of plans printed by Frearson & Bro. :

South Australia 1/-
City Of Adelaide 1/-
City And Suburbs 1/-
Norwood, Kensington, etc. 1/6
Port Adelaide 1/-
LeFevre's Peninsula 1/-
Moonta And Kadina 1/-
Mounted And Varnished 2/6 Extra

In later years Frearson's Printing House occupied premises on North Terrace, and also premises at Hindmarsh.

Brief History Of This Plan

This plan was found in a second hand store in Bairnsdale, Victoria, in August of 2005, and made its way to MAPCO in January of 2006. Unfortunately, where it had spent the other 125 years of its life remains a mystery.

Technical Note

Due to the difficulty in scanning this plan without damaging it, the images of the 16 individual sections of the plan vary in colour saturation. The folds of this plan are very fragile, and if not handled with care they will easily split or tear. Because of this difficulty, the Frearson scans are not as pleasing as they could be. If I find a way of improving the scan quality without compromising the plan I will certainly attempt to scan it again.

Image Sizes and Download Times

The images displayed here are scans of each folding section of the plan.

The average image size of the Frearson plan sections is approximately 200KB. At 56KB dial-up connection speed each page will take about 30 seconds to fully load, although some pages (such as Hindmarsh Ward & North Terrace) can take approximately 50 seconds to load.

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