Civitas Londinum c1560 MAPCO

Civitas Londinum
A Survey Of The Cities Of London And Westminster,
The Borough Of Southwark And Parts Adjacent
In The Reign Of Queen Elizabeth c1560

The Uxbridge Road Royal Arms of James I St Gyles In The Fyeld Middlesex Middlesex Middlesex Clarken Well Charterhouse & Title Ribbon Title Ribbon & Creplegate Finsburie Fynesburie Fyeld & Dogge Hous Bisshoppes Gate & Shordiche The Spurl Fyeld Middlesex City of London Arms Middlesex
The Waye To Redinge & St. Jemes Parke Charingcrosse Yorke Place & Duresme Place Somerset Place Houlburne & St Clement St Doste In The West & Fleete Streate Cowe Crosse & Fleete Bruge Newgat Market & Paules Church Chepesyde & Tames Streate More Gate & St Thomas Lane More Fyeld & London Ston Busshoppes Gate & New Fyshe Streate Hounsdiche & Towre Streate Alde Gate & Towre Hyll The Towre Of London The Barres & St Keteren
Kinges Streate & Westmunster The Thames at Westmunster & Lambeth Lambeth This antient and famous City of London... This antient and famous City of London... Lambeth Paris Garden The Thames At Baynardes Castel The Banck & The Bolle Bayting Arena The Banck & The Beare Bayting Arena Whin Oster London Bridge & Southwake Bylynges Gate Battle Bridge & New Troy my name... The Towre & A Beere Howse Towre Streate & Horsley Downe

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Full Title:
Civitas Londinum : A Survey Of The Cities Of London And Westminster, The Borough Of Southwark And Parts Adjacent In The Reign Of Queen Elizabeth
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Attributed to Ralph Agas c1560
This facsimile published by Adams And Francis, London
75cm x 185cm (29½" x 72¾")
c.28" : 1 statute mile
Finsbury Field - Aldgate - Bankside - St. James's Park
Engraved and Published from the Agas map held in the Guildhall Library. Paper on linen, but not dissected, folded unevenly. Includes reference letters and numbers on many buildings, but there is no key to these. Includes notes by W.H. Overall, F.S.A., Librarian To The Corporation Of London.

There are no surviving original c1560 copies of the woodcut map entitled Civitas Londinum. Generally referred to as the Agas map, the three surviving copies of this map were all published in 1633. The facsimile of the map displayed on this site was published in 1874 by Edward J. Francis, reproduced from the Agas map held in the Guildhall Library. It is catalogued in Howgego as No. 8 (i). The map bears the Royal arms of James I in the top left corner, and the City of London arms in the top right. It has two panels with ornamental borders at the bottom. The left panel contains an account of "This antient and famous City of London...", the right panel a verse which begins "New Troy my name..."

There is a brief description of this map included on pages 10 & 11 of Pigot & Co.'s Metropolitan Guide c1820.

This is a fabulous and highly detailed map of London from the time of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I.
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There are many places of interest illustrated on this map. Of considerable note are the bull baiting and bear baiting arenas, old St. Paul's Cathedral, and Old London Bridge.

The plan is in good condition for its age, although the binding is poor and bumped. The map itself appears to have been clumsily assembled for printing. The plates have been poorly aligned at the joins resulting in mismatching and some missing detail, which I am assume was a fault with the 1633 woodblock map rather than the 1874 facsimile. This is most apparent in the sections for St Gyles In The Fyeld, Clarken Well, Paris Garden, and in various other places also.

Brief History Of This Map

A bookplate affixed inside the front cover records that this copy was once the property of the rather grandiose sounding Rev. Prebendary Hedgeland. Rev. Hedgeland, M.A., of St. Mary's Church, Penzance, was a member of the Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society from 1880–91, and President of the Penzance Public Library in 1893.

This map came to MAPCO from a U.K. dealer in 2003.

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