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A Plan Of The Cities Of London And Westminster,
And Borough Of Southwark, With The New Buildings 1767

Mary le Bon, Tottenham Court, Oxford Street, Grosvenor Square, Soho Square, Hide Park, The Green Park, Piccaddilly, St Jame's Park, Chelsea Water Works, & Tothill Fields Lambs Conduit Fields, New River Head, High Holborn, The Strand, The River Thames, Westminster Bridge, Black Friars Bridge, & Lambeth The City Road, Hoxton Square, Charter House Square, West Smith Field, Moor Fields, St Pauls, Cheapside, Cornhill, The Tower, The River Thames, London Bridge, The Borough, Southwark, King's Bench Prison, & Newington Butts Road to Hackney, Bethnal Green, White Chapel, Mile End Old Town, Goodmans Fields,Ratcliff Highway, Upper Shadwell, Wapping, The River Thames, Redriff, & Rotherhith

The Map

Full Title:
A Plan Of The Cities Of London And Westminster, And Borough Of Southwark, With The New Buildings 1767
54cm x 32cm (21" X 12¾")
4¼" : 1 statute mile
New River Head - Shadwell - Newington Butts - Hide Park.
Folding plan on 18th century paper. Hand coloured. Title set in top margin.

This 1767 London plan came from an American collector, who had erroneously attributed it to John Pine (1690-1756). It is cited in Howgego (No. 144) as Anonymous, and was most likely published in The Gentleman's Magazine (first published in 1731 by Edward Cave), The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure (first published 1740), or similar publication.

The plan is split at the folds and has been repaired with archival tape.

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