War Map Of The Gallipoli Peninsula 1915 MAPCO

War Map Of The Gallipoli Peninsula 1915

Map Title & Map Legend Map Title & Map Legend Gulf of Xeros (Saros) Gulf of Xeros (Saros) & Yeni Keui Yenikli Bay & Bulair
Map Legend & Kislar Dagh Map Legend & Turchen Keui Bergaz & Karnabi Keui Kavakli Keui & Ibrahim Keui Gallipoli & Lapsaki
Suvla Bay Kuchuk Anafarta, Kojadere, & Maidos, Showing Beach Z, Anzac Cove, Hell Spit, & Brighton Beach Ungerdere & The Dardanelles The Dardanelles & Bergaz Asia Minor
Krithia & Sedd-el-Bahr, Showing Beach V, Beach W, Beach X, Beach Y, & Beach Y2 Kilid Bahr, Achi Baba, The Narrows & The Dardanelles Chanak (Kale Sultanie) & The Narrows Map Of Turkey, Showing Uzun Keupri & Gallipoli Map Of Turkey, Showing Airobol & The Sea Of Marmara
Kum Kale, Yeni Keui, & The Ruins Of Troy Eren Keui, Ortagechid Dere, & The Ruins Of Troy Map Of Turkey & Table Of Equivalents Of Turkish Terms Map Showing The Location Of The Gallipoli Peninsula, The Dardanelles, Kilid Bahr, Chanak (Kale Sultanie), & The Narrows Bigha & Abdal Dagh, Asia Minor

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The Map

Map Title:
The Daily Telegraph War Map No. 12.
View The Map Cover

View The Cover
Cover Title:
The Daily Telegraph War Map Of The Gallipoli Peninsula (No. 12.)
Alexander Gross, F.R.G.S.
Geographia Ltd., 55, Fleet Street, London, E.C.
89cm x 56.5cm (35" x 22¼")
¾ Inch : 1 Mile
Bulair - Chardak - Yeni Keui - C. Tekeh

Folding World War I map of Gallipoli. On paper, in excellent condition.

Alexander Gross also published other Daily Telegraph War Maps, as well as a Map of England and Wales in 19 sheets.

The front cover label of the Gallipoli map reads:

The Daily Telegraph
War Map Of The Gallipoli Peninsula
(No. 12.)
On A Very Large Scale Of About ¾ Inch To 1 Mile.
By Alexander Gross, F.R.G.S.
Contains More Information Than
Any Existing Map Of The Same Area.

The areas of greatest interest to ANZAC researchers fall on the dissections of this Gallipoli map, so these areas have been displayed separately below for ease of reference.

Click the images below for enlarged views of Anzac Cove, Suvla Bay, and the Gallipoli Peninsula.


View Anzac Cove

Map of Anzac Cove


View Suvla Bay

Map of Suvla Bay


View Suvla Bay & Anzac Cove

Suvla Bay & Anzac Cove



View The Gallipoli Peninsula War Zone

Gallipoli Peninsula War Zone



View The Map of Turkey & Asia Minor

Map of Turkey



View The Map Legend

The Map Legend


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