The Gallipoli Peninsula And The Narrows 1915 MAPCO

The Gallipoli Peninsula And "The Narrows" 1915

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Full Title:
The Gallipoli Peninsula And "The Narrows"
The London Geographical Institute
George Philip & Son Ltd
The Daily Mail
28cm x 22cm (11" x 8¾")
Not Shown
Gulf Of Xeros (Saros) - Chedeler - Kum Kale - Tekke Burnu

Published in 1915 by The Daily Mail in a booklet entitled War Panorama : 20 Birds-Eye Views & Maps Of The World Wide War.

This pictorial map of Gallipoli and The Narrows shows the location of the principal forts that were the targets of the Gallipoli campaign. The letters against the forts are those referred to in Admiralty despatches.

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This booklet also includes 2 other panoramic views of the Gallipoli Peninsula, being Scene of the landing operations at the Dardanelles and The Dardanelles & Constantinople. Use the links above to view these maps.

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