Map Of Gallipoli - Scale 1:20,000. Kurija Dere/Koja Dere, 1915 MAPCO

Map Of Gallipoli - Scale 1:20,000
Kurija Dere / Koja Dere

Map Title Instructions For Use Of The Squares
Compass Squares 103, 104, & 91 Squares 105 & 92; Hetman Chair & Damakjelik Bair Squares 106 & 93; Biyuk Anafarta & Dagh Cheshme Sirte
Compass Squares 91 & 79 Squares 92 & 80; Aghyl Dere & Balikje Damleri (Fishermen's Huts) Squares 93 & 81; Abdel Rahman Mair & Chailar Dere
Instructions Sur L'emploi Des Carres
Aegean Sea Squares 79 & 67 Squares 80 & 68; Ari Burnu, Anzac Cove, Maclagan's Ridge, Hell Spit, & Brighton Beach Squares 81 & 69; Kurija Dere or Koja Dere
Conversion Table From Metres To Feet
Reference - Turkish Placenames To English
Aegean Sea Squares 67 & 55 Squares 68 & 56; Kara Georgi & Gaba Tepe Karakol Squares 69 & 57; Cheshme Dere & Damler
Map Scale & Printing Information

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The Map

Full Title:
Gallipoli - Scale 1:20,000. Kurija Dere.
Reproduced at the Survey Department, Egypt, 1915. G.S.G.S. 4000.
View The Stamped Linen Backing
Survey Department, Egypt.
55.8cm x 78.7cm (22½" x 31")
2" : 1000 Metres (1 Kilometre)
Hetman Chair - Al Tutan Katcha Tekke - Damler - Aegean Sea

Folding map of Gallipoli, Kurija Dere or Koja Dere region. Folding coloured paper map mounted on linen. Reference to other maps printed on rear of linen.

This copy of the Kurija Dere map is extremely stained, and one must assume that these stains originate from the battlefield around Anzac Cove at Gallipoli. This map has been digitally repaired for clarity of display, but you can view the original stained condition of the map below.

Click the link below to view the first assembled scans of the map. On this page you can hover over the image to view the map with and without the stains:

View The Stained Map

View The Stained Map

Of great interest to Australian and New Zealand researchers will be the section showing Anzac Cove, Maclagan's Ridge, Hell Spit, & Brighton Beach. The contour lines on this section of the map clearly illustrate the formidable landscape that confronted the ANZACs upon landing on the Gallipoli beaches.

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