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Map Of Surrey 1874 MAPCO

Map Of The County Of Surrey From Trigonometrical Survey With The Roads, Parks & Railways 1874

Map Title Map Title Map Title; Eaton, Buckinghamshire; Windsor, Spitall, Queen's Walk, & Windsor Great Park, Berkshire Slough, Great Western Railway, Eton, Datchet, Railway Station, Parallel Of Latitude Of The Royal Observatory, Buckinghamshire; River Thames; Windsor, Little Park, Castle, Frogmore, Queen's Long Walk, Albert Bridge, Old Windsor, Windsor Great Park, Beaumonts Lodge, Berkshire; & Lions Green, Surrey Great Western Railway, Parallel Of Latitude Of The Royal Observatory, General Roys Base Line 1787, & Bedfont, Middlesex Great Western Railway, Railway Station, Brentford, Railway Station, Docks, Kew, Railway Station, Parallel Of Latitude Of The Royal Observatory, Railway Station, Syon House, Hounslow, Isleworth, Railway Station, Ferry, Whitton Park, & Ferry, Middlesex; River Thames; Kew Gardens, Royal Gardens, Observatory, New Richmond, Railway Terminus, Marsh, Richmond, Hotel, & Richmond Hill, Surrey Paddington Canal, Regents Canal, Paddington, Kensington Gardens, Kensington, Hammersmith, Railway Station, Brompton, Kew Bridge, Railway Station, Chiswick, West Middlesex W.W. Reserves, Suspension Bridge, Walham Green, Fulham, Fulham Bridge, Aqueduct, Bridge, Middlesex; River Thames; Kew, The King’s Farm, Marsh Gate, Railway Station, Mortlake, Cemetery, East Sheen, Sneekenhall, Barnes, Barnes Elms, Barnes Station, Cemetery, Common, Richmond Railway, Wandsworth, Railway Station, Fishmongers Alms House, All Farthing Church, County Prison, Cemetery, Roehampton Gate, Kingston Hundred, & Roehampton, Surrey Road from Edgeware &c., Paddington Canal, Paddington, Hyde Park, St Paul's Cathedral, Charing Cross, The Tower, London Docks, Knightsbridge, Buckingham Palace, St James's Park, Victoria Station, Church, Brompton, Pimlico, Penitentiary, Hospital, Chelsea, & Railway Station, Middlesex; River Thames, Bridge, Vauxhall Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Southwark Bridge, & London Bridge; Church, Church, Southwark, 1 Milestone, Lambeth, Newington, Railway Station, Vauxhall, 2 Milestone, Walworth, Turnpike, Pier, Oval, From Standard in Cornhill, Kennington Common, Albany New Road, Grand Surrey Canal, Battersea Park, Battersea New Town, Windmill, Battersea, Railway Station, Battersea Common Field, Railway Works, Nine Elms, Railway Works, South Ville, South Lambeth, 3 Milestone, Halfway House, New Road, Camberwell, North Brixton, Peckham Rye Common, Loughborough House, Stockwell, Longbridge Farm, Railway Station, Church, Clapham Junction, Clapham Common, Railway Station, Battersea Rise, Church, 4 Milestone, Clapham Rise, Railway Station, Railway Station, Railway Station, The Grove, Denmark Hill, Lordship Lane, Goose Green, Railway Station, Railway Station, Cemetery, Wandsworth, Royal Victoria Patriotic Asylum, All Farthing Church, County Prison, Milestone 4 Miles From Westminster Bridge, Balham Hill, Acre Lane, Station, Rushey Green, Hearne Hill, Brixton, Brixton Hundred, Railway Station, Friern Farm, Prison, Court, & Camberwell Cemetery, Surrey Regents Canal, Road to Norwich &c., Commercial Road, Limehouse Cut, East India Dock Road, Poplar, East India Docks, River Lea, London Docks, Railway Station, Blackwall, West India Docks, Canal, Isle of Dogs, Ferry, Middlesex; New Road to Rainham, Essex; River Thames, Thames Tunnel; Church, Railway Station, Rotherhithe, Grand Surrey Docks, Commercial Docks, Greenwich Railway, Railway Station, Southwark Park, Railway Station, Turnpike, St Helena, Milestone 2 From London Bridge, Grand Union Canal, Halfway House, Licensed Victuallers Asylum, Hacham House, Peckham, Railway Station, New Cross, Railway Station, Peckham Rye, Railway Station, South London Cemetery, Nun Head, Foot Way, Rye Common, Brixton Hundred, Friern Farm, Camberwell Cemetery, Surrey; Lower Road, Foreign Cattle Market, Deptford, Ravensbourne River, Royal Observatory Greenwich Park, North Kent Railway, Royal Naval School, Railway Station, Dover Road, Deptford Lewisham Cemetery, Well, Railway Station, Maidstone Road, Brockley Green, Church, Lewisham, Croydon Railway, & Dartford Loop Line, Kent Shooters Hill Tower or Severndroog Castle, Kent
Map Title Map Title, Map Imprint, Map Date; Wellington College, Sandhurst, Railway From Reading, Broadmoor Asylum, Wishmere Cross, Sandhurst Common, Broad Moor, Sandhurst Military College, & Hospital, Berkshire; Surrey Hill, Turf Hill, Staff College, & Cobham Ridges, Surrey Map Title; Queen's Walk, Snow Hill, Windsor Great Park, Great Lodge, Great Lake, Mill River, Manor Lodge, Virginia Water, Worlds End, Gate, & Railway Line From Reading, Berkshire; Sunninghill Railway Station, Broom Hill Hill, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Broomhill, Titlark Farm, Kings Hill, Bagshot Park, Bagshot, Hall Grove, Bourne Brook, Long Down, Hatton Hill, Windlesham, Woodlands, Hook Green, Westley Green, Staples Hill, Chobham Place, Cobham Ridges, Golden Farnier, Collingwood Court, Black Hill, Wetmoor Ponds, Borderley Green, Hook Mill, & Three Barrows, Surrey Statue, Snow Hill, Bishops Gate, Windsor Great Park, Great Lodge, Great Lake, Manor Lodge, & Virginia Water, Berkshire; Ankerwyke, & Railway Line, Buckinghamshire; London Stone, Church, Railway Station, & Staines, Middlesex; Magna Charta Island, River Thames; Heath, Windsor Great Park, Town Green, Obelisk, Englefield Green, Wick Heath, Bakeham Farm, Priest Hill Farm, Purnish Manor, Common, Rusham Green, Denham Place, Runny Mead, Kings Wood, Park, Egham, Railway Line From Reading, Railway Station, Mount Lee, Milton Place, Little Fosterhouse, Great Fosterhouse, Vicarage, Thorpe Lee, House, Pipe House, Hythe Field, Savory Weir, Virginia Water, Lodge, Belvedere, Shrubs Hill, Broom Hill Hill, Potnall Warren, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Egham Common, Obelisk, Cascade Bridge, Packers Grove, Railway Line, Trotsworth, Virginia Water Station, St Anns Heath,  Railway Junction, Trump Green, Knowle Grove, Trumps Farm, Leddington House, Stroud Green, Thorpe Green, Worlds End, Lyne Green, Almoners, Lyne Grove, Thorpe, St Anns Hill, Roxbury, Farm, Penton Hook, Chertsey, Chilsey Green, Railway Station, Staples Hill, Chobham Place, Long Cross, House, Old Lodge, Gracious Pond, Honies Farm, Chobham Park, Chobham, Kings Mead Corner, Hersham Corner, Flutters Hill, Hall, Stavers Cross, Stanners Hill, Stanners Hill Farm, Bourne Brook, Trys Hill, Chill Down Knoll, Mascals Grove, Potters Park, Grays Hill, Ottershaw, Durnford Bridge, Bottley, Lambho, Bain, Bottleys, The Otter Public House, Timber Hill, Bowsley Farm, Brox, Anningsley Farm, Sandgates, Andrew News Green, Bretlands, Addlestone, Wheelers Green, Dusters, Ongar Hill, Woodham, Woodham Heath, Basingstoke Canal, & Lock, Surrey Staines, Railway Line, Railway Station, Ashford, Railway Station, Feltham, Railway Station, Hanworth Park, Windmill, Laleham, Littleton, Charlton, Sunbury, Railway Station, Kenton Park, Upper Halliford, Abbey Mill, Lock, Bridge, Shepperton, Ferry, Horse Ferry, Lower Halliford, Railway Station, & Walton Bridge, Middlesex; River Thames; Penton Hook, Ferry, Chertsey, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Addlestone, Railway Station, Wodburn Place, Ham Haw Park, Weybridge Mead, Oatlands Park, Temple, Ashley Park, Parsonage, Walton On Thames, Crockford Bridge, Says Court, Ongar Hill, Moted Farm, Newhaw Lock And Bridge, Wey Old River, Brooklands, Weybridge, Railway Station, Burwood Park, Walton Railway Station, Hersham Green, Ham Haw Common, Fulbrook Bridge, South Western Railway, River Wey New Navigation, St Georges Hill, Camp, Hide Park, Burhill, Emley Hundred, Burwood House, River Mole, Southwood Farm, & Fair Mile, Surrey General Roys Base Line 1787, Railway Line, Railway Station, Orleans House, Twickenham, Hanworth Park, Hanworth, Strawberry Hill, Teddington, Ferry, Lock, Weir, Railway Station, Kenton Park, Hampton, Railway Station, West Middlesex Waterworks, Grand Junction Waterworks, Water Works, Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks, Ferry, Bushy Park, Hampton Wick, Railway Station, Wolseys Conduit, Hampton Court, Ferry, Lambeth Water Works, Chelsea Water Works, & Ferry, Middlesex; River Thames, & Eel Pie Island; Lodge, Petersham, Richmond Park, Ham House, Sudbrook Park, Ham Common, Ham Gate, Latchmere House, Lodge, Bank Grove, Kingston Gate, Kingston Hundred, Canbury Field, Norbiton Street, Kingston, Hogs Mill River, Cemetery, Surbiton, South Western Railway, Moulsey Hurst, Race Course, Hurst Lodge, Kent Town, Apps Court, West Moulsey, East Moulsey, Railway Station, The Grange, Common, Ember Court, Thames Ditton, House, Surbiton Station, River Mole or Emley Stream, Weston Green, House, Stook Farm, Giggshill, Rushett, Cock Crow Hill, Southborough Park, Iron Mill, Ditton Common, Magazine, Lower Green, Esher & Claremont Railway Station, Heart Farm, Long Ditton, Kingston Common, Broad Lane, Esher Place, Sandown Farm, Esher, Coppers Hill, Lower Hook, Hook, Gosbury Hall, West End, Hares Lane, Winter Downs, Claremont Park, Abrook Common, Claygate, Ruxley Lodge, Barwell Court, Chessington, Emley Hundred, Esher Common, Cobham Common, Burnt Stubs, & Horton, Surrey Richmond Park, Frisen, New Lodge, Wimbledon Park, Dunsford House, Old Lodge, Halfway House, Brixton Hundred, County Lunatic Asylum, Upper Garret Green, Wimbledon Common, Garrett Green, Church, Wandle River,  Lambeth Cemetery, Thatched Lodge, Coombe Wood, Caesars Camp, Railway Station, Kingston Gate, Warren House, Wimbledon, South Western Railway, Railway Station, Cowdry Farm, Merton Mills, Kingston Hundred, Ridgeway, Prospect Place, Coombe House, Coombe Lane, Haywards Wood, Merton, Railway Station, Railway Station, Cambridge Asylum, Kingston, New Malden, Wittles Farm, Poor Wood, Phipps Bridge, Hogg's Mill River, Railway Station, West Harns, Cannon Hill, Morden Hall, Shepherds Bush Farm, Blue House, Morden, Michem Grove, Nutcars Farm, Lower Morden, Hill House, Pig Farm, Talworth, Powders Mills, Malden, Railway Station, Park Farm, North Cheam, Pylford Bridge, Sutton Common, Stone Con Hill, Sutton Grove, Talworth Court, Worcester Park, Cheam Common, Been Hill, Cold Harbour, Sparrow Farm, Ruxley Farm, Powder Mills, Ewell Court, Beggarshill, Nonesuch Park, Cheam Park, Little Cheam House, Sutton, Orchard House, Railway Station, Ewell, Epsom and Croydon Railway, Station, Wallington Hundred, Harefield House, South Metropolion School, Sutton Lodge, Howell Hill, & Banstead Downs County Prison, Common, St. James Independent School, Chapel, Balham, Brixton Hundred, County Lunatic Asylum, Upper Garret Green, Upper Tooting, Streatham Common, Railway Station, St. Clements Danes Alms House, Lambeth Cemetery, Tooting, Streatham Park, Railway Station, Grays Wood, Railway Station, Railway Station, Greyhouse, Bleak Hill, Dulwich College, St. Anns School, Tulse Hill, Wells, Railway Station, Knights Hill, Railway Station, Windmill, Mount Nod Farm, Common, Streatham, Leigham Common, Norwood Cemetery, Sydenham Hill Station, Sydenham Hill Wells, Hill House, Norwood or North Wood, Knights Hill Common, Gipsey House, Railway Station, Sydenham Common, Crystal Palace, Streatham Common, Wells, Upper Norwood, Westow Hill, Merton Abbey, Pigs Marsh, Biggins Farm, Phipps Bridge, St. Georges Parochial School, Micham Wood, Micham, Railway Station, Stocks Farm, Gilpins Farm, Micham Mill, Micham Grove, Mill, Railway Station, Micham Common, Mill, Beddington Station, Pig Farm, Mill, Beddington Corner, Hermitage Bridge, Biggens Farm, Bulay Farm, House, Norbury Farm, Leather Bottom, Parch Moor, Whitehouse Wood, Beggars Hill, Residence, Railway Station, Residence, Whitehouse Farm, Goat House, Railway Station, Thornton Heath, Norwood Junction, Union Cemetery, Selhurst Wood, Sellhurst, Woodside, Croydon Common, Broad Green, Carshalton Mill, The Park, Brewers Grove, Beddington Park, Gas Works, The Wrythe, Carshalton, Beddington, Wallington, Park, Epsom & Croydon Railway, Railway Station, Bandon Hill, Kingston Hundred, Barrow Hedges, Little Woodcote, Sutton Lodge, Banstead, Beggars Bush, Barrack, Croydon Terminus, Railway Station, Croydon, Railway Station, Adiscombe, Waddon, Park Hill Farm, Waddon Court, Railway Station, Duppas Hill, Birds Lodge, Rices Farm, Comb, Cold Harbour, Hayling House, Railway Station, Crome Farm, Addington Hills, & Combhurst Hill, Crystal Palace, Railway Station, Penge Common, Railway Station, Goat House, Norwood Junction, Railway Station, Blind Corner, Enmore Park, Ham Wood, Ham Farm, Stroud Green, West Shirley Farm, Adiscombe, Shirley Common, Shirley House, Cold Harbour, Coomb Farm, Wallington Hundred, Addington Common, Addington Hills, & Addington, Surrey; Forest Hill, Croydon Railway, Railway Station, Rushey Green, Dartford Loop Line, Railway Station, Perry’s Slough Farm, Tile Kiln, Sydenham Common, Sydenham Wells, Dog Kennel Houses, Railway Station, Sydenham, Lower Sydenham Railway Station, Mill, South End, Tunbridge Direct Railway Line, Kent House, Railway Station, Railway Station, Beckenham, Shortlands Railway Station, Bromley, College, Railway Station, Elmend Green, Meridian of the Royal Observatory, Mason’s Hill, Railway Station, Leaves Green, Elmend, Wickham Green, West Wickham, Kent Gate, Wickham, Weight’s Farm, May Farm, & Keston, Kent London Chatham & Dover Railway, Bromley Common, Lock, Tunbridge Road, & Keston, Kent
Crondal, Hampshire Road From Basingstoke, Railway Line from Reading, Blackwater, Frimley Bridge, Railway Station, Farnborough, Railway Station, Long Bottom, North Camp, Basingstoke Canal, South Camp, Church, The Queens Pavilion, Infantry Barracks, Cavalry Barracks, Artillery Barracks, Cemetery, New Town, Long Bottom, Windy Gap, Police Barracks, Rew Hill Copse, Railway Station, Church, Church, Aldershot, Brook House, Hampshire; Sandhurst Military College, Gas Works, Obelisk, York Town, Osnabury Hill, Crawley Hill, Frimley Heath, Tekels Castle, Fir Plantation, River Loddon, Bristow Farm, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Frimley Grove, Frimley, Church, South End, Frimley Green, Pottery, Woking Hundred, Mitchets Farm, Lynch Farm, Ash Common, North Camp Station, Ash Common, Shawfield, County Bridge, Caesar's Camp, Tuxbury Hill, Bricksbury Hill, Law Day House, Milestone 36 From Hyde Park Corner, & Hungry Hill, Surrey Fir Plantation, Chobham, Fern Hill, Chobham Ridges, Colony End, Coldingley Farm, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Fellow Green, Lookhurt Green, Bisley, Hill Place, Bisley Green, Bisley Common, Cow Moor, Cowshot, Pirbright Common, Lodge Hill, Swing Bridge, Basingstoke Canal, Ponds, South Western Railway, Frimley Hill, Stag Down Hill, Black Hill, Mitchets Pond, Ash Common, Woking Hundred, Brookwood Lunatic Asylum, Hermitage, Brookwood Stumps, Pirbright, Woking Necropolis, Mill, Heathens Farm, Bradley Farm, Cooks Heath, Ostend Farm, Bakersgate Farm, Rickford Mill, Romping Downs, Peat Moor, Fox Hills, Ash Common, Henley Park, Normandy, Gravel Pit Hill, North Wyck, Ash, Railway Station, Westwood, Wyck, Ash Green, Railway Station, Cobbet Hill Common, Worplesdon, Cobbet Hill Farm, Marystood Farm, Littlefield Green, Burying Place, Wipley Farm, Wiley Green, Frog Grove, Broad Street Common, Wood Street, Hillnemon Farm, Back-side Common, Flaxford, & Bannister's Farm Milford Green, Young Strough, Cox Hill Green, River Bourn, Horsehill Heath, Nursery, Club Green, Kettlewell, Knap Hill, Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, Horsehill, Woking Heath, Woking Convict Prison, Golding, Basingstoke Canal, South Western Railway, Railway Station, Hermitage, Heath Side, Wich Street, Guildford Branch Railway, River, Woodham Heath, Pirford Heath, Pirford Green, Heath Side, Pirford, Round Bridge Farm, Kingsland Green, Hook Hill, Egly Farm, Mayford Green, River, Loampit, Top Green, Smarts Heath, Beach Hill, Rundley Wood, Bradley Farm, River, Lee Place, Ostend Farm, Pile House, Whitemoor Pond, Oakland, Sundrish, Woking Hundred, Monument, Hoe Place, Newark Abbey (Ruins), Woking, Hall Place, River, Homewood, Mill, Fishers Farm, Rundley Wood, Send Marsh Farm, Cricket Hill Farm, Sende, River, Ferry Green, Lodge, Grove, Parsonage, Whitemoor Common, Jacob's Well, Burpham Farm, Burying Place, Pitch Place, Slyfield Green, Tenement Farm, Rides Hill, Fortunes Farm, River, Stoughton Place, Broad Street Common, Swills Green, Broad Street, Mill, Gang Hill, Woodbridge Hill, Woodbridge, Stoke Place, Stoke, Bannister's Farm, Lodge Farm, Gasding Hill, West Clandon, Merow Common, Bargrove, Clandon Park, Merow, Levels Grove, & Race Course Godley Or Chertsey Hundred, South Western Railway, River Wey New Navigation, Bridge, Mill, Byfleet, Red Hill, Woking Hundred, Wisley, Pirford Green, Wisley Common, Lodge, Ockham Mill, Ockham Heath, Burwood House, South Wood, Milestone 20 From Standard in Cornhill, Milestone 20 From Westminster Bridge, Cobham Street, Pains Hill, Mill, Cobham, Emley Hundred, Cobham Court, Cobham Tilt, Cobham Park, Breach Hill, Pointer, Hatchford, Pointers Green, Down Mill, Newark Abbey (Ruins), Dunsborough House, Green, Hide Farm, Homewood, Parsonage, Ripley, Ockham Park, Ockham, Soils Hill Farm, Wisley Farm, Hunger Hill, Bachelors Farm, Jury Farm, Martyr’s Green, Mays Green, Copthorne Hundred, Black Heath Farm, Barns Thorns Wood, Effingham Common, Norrels Green, Lee Wood, East Clandon Common, Ninerd Farm, West Clandon, West Horseley, East Clandon, Hatchland Place, Windmill, Hook Wood, Clandon Down, Knowl Hill, Pobley Hill, Netherns Wood, Netley Heath, Effingham, East Horseley, Sheep Leaze, Green Dean Farm, & Green Lane Farm Emley Hundred, Esher Common, Fair Mile Farm, Eaton Farm, Brooks Place, Stoke D’Abernon, Bullocks Farm, River Mole, Stoke Heath Farm, Cobham Common, Ockshott Street, Jessops Well, Stoke Common, Ashtead Common, Leatherhead Common, Acre Hill Farm, Horton Place, Byes Hill Farm, Horton Lodge, Hookfield Grove, Epsom Common, Horton Wood, Epsom Wells, Dukes Hall, Ashtead Railway Station, Ashtead, Ashtead Park, Slyfield Mill and Farm, Ship Bell Farm, Bookham Common, Eastwick Park, Great Bookham, Platsome Green, Railway Station, Model Farm, Randall House, Leatherhead Railway Station, Barnet Farm, Fetcham Mill, Leatherhead Common Fields, Elm Bank, Fetcham Park, Windmill, Thorn Croft, Vale Lodge, Fetcham Downs, Copthorne Hundred, Ashted Common Fields, Highlands Farm, Headley Court, Mickleham Downs, Gibbons Grove, Little Bookham, Bookham Common Fields, Phenice Farm, Polsdon, Bagnill Farm, Stone Rock Farm, Ranmer Common, Denbys, Denbys Hall, Priory, Norbury Park, Mickleham Hall, Chapel Farm, Burford Bridge, Westhumble Street, Westhumble Railway Station, The Grove, Pixham Mill, Ashurst Lodge, Mickleham, Headley Heath, Juniper Hall, Ashurst Downs, Box Hill, Breckham, Warren House, & Box Hill Farm Horton Place, Epsom Court, Railway Station, Clay Hill, Epsom, Horton Lodge, Pit Place, Bookfield Grove, Gibraltar, Epsom College, Union House, Epsom Downs Station, Woodcot Park, Rubbing House, Great Borough, Borough Street, Race Course, Tattenham Corner, Hare Warren, Californian Station, Banstead Downs, Milestone 14 To Standard In Cornhill, Hundred Acres, Banstead Station, Warren Farm, Bentley Lodge, Banstead, Banstead Court Farm, Nork Park, Canhatch Farm, Copthorne Hundred, North Preston, South Preston, 30 Acres Farm, Warren, Walton Downs, Tadworth Common, Walton Hurst Farm, Comet Farm, Headley Hall, Walton On The Hill, Headley, Walton Heath, Headley Heath, Oaks, Banstead Heath, Perrots Farm, Cannon Farm, Bansted House, Cophill Farm, Kingswood, Chip House, Birch Wood, Great Shabden, High Hurst Farm, Old Warren, Bottom House, Reases Farm, Parsons Green, Mugs Hole Street, Windmill, Turnpike, Upper Gatton, Kingswood Liberty, Hermitage House, Feeble Cornbe House, Breckham Warren House, Hill Farm, Hill Farm, Parsons Green, Buckland Green, Railway Station, Tranquil Dale, Tap, Buckland, Reigate Hill, Gatton Park, Reigate Hundred, East Green, Wray Common, Colley Farm, Railway Station, Reigate, & Lingfield Street Wallington Hundred, Woodcote Farm, Institution For Warehousemen Children, Purley Farm, Tanridge Hundred, The Oakes, Hungry Bottom, Foxley Hatch, Lodge, Purley House, Smetham Bottom, Caterham Junction, Railway Station, Woodcote Grove, Smitham, Roke Farm, Sandersted Oaks, Sandersted Oaks, Woodmanstone, Old Brewhouse, Kenley Station, Leaden Cross, Sending Lodge, Reedham Asylum, Little Rolce, Riddles Down, Red Lion, Stoats Nest, Railway Station, Hartley Farm, Hays Farm, Rose & Crown, Wood, Hamsey Green, Kenley Farm, Welcomes Farm, Portnals Farm, Hooley House, Coulsdon, Parsonage, Stoney Cottage, Farthing Downs, Tarlton Farm, Kenley Common, Rumbow Castle, Yew Tree Pond Farm, Wood Place, Tolers Farm, Railway Station, Salmons Farm, Portley Farm, Harden Farm, Coulsdon Common, Windmill, Windmill, Great Shabden, Chipsted, Pirbright House, Catterham Common, Windmill, Reases Farm, Deans Farm, Aldersted Heath, Chalden, Fryern Farm, Catterham, Railway Station, Parsons Green, Aldersted, Tollhurst Farm, Tup Wood, Willey Farm, Merstham, Quarry House, The Harrow, Platt Green, Quarry Farm, Gatton, Warwick Wood, Black Bushes, White Hill Farm, Quarry House, Worsted Green, Gatton Park, Reigate Hundred, Battle Bridge Farm, Wellers, Place Farm, Pendhill, Frenches, Wiggy Farm, Nutfield Marsh, Brewer Street, Godstone Green, North Park, Chicmead Farm, Lingfield Street, Brookers Farm, Court Large, Great Common, Windmill, Little Common, Nutfield, Stratton Farm, & Chevington Selsdon Farm, Addington Lodge, Layhoms, Sesldon, Cabels Elms, Sandersted, Leaves Green, Kingswood Lodge, Farley Green, Farley Court, Church, Little Farley Green, Fairchild Farm, Woodend Farm, Crews Farm, Crews Corner, Warlingham, Common, Windmill, Worms Heath, Chelsham, Church, Slynes Farm, Broom Lodge, Slynes Hill, Beddlested Farm, Lusted Farm, Westmoor Green, Buckland Farm, Barn, Tatsfield, Tatsfield Green, Marden Park, Woldingham, Bottley Hill House, Coldharbour Farm, Woldingham Church, Flint House, Titsey Place, Titsey, Clackett Farm, Lodge Farm, Tanridge Hundred, South Green, Quarry House, Flint Hall, Barrow Green, Limpsfield, Godstone Green, Flower House, Rooksnest, Priory House, Okested, Limpsfield Common, Godstone, Tanridge Place, Broadham Court, Pend Hill, Stratton Farm, Ley Place, Broadham Green, & Hurst Green Buckland Farm, Tatsfield Green, Clackett Farm, Moorhouse, Rips Common, & Chart Common, Surrey; Leaves Grove, Aperfield Farm, South Street, Windmill, Westerham, Road To Maidstone, & Kent Hatch, Kent
Crondal, Clare Hall, Doras Green, Wood, Turnpike, Road From Winchester, & Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire; Upper Old Park, Lower Old Park, Dippenhall House, Lower House Farm, Willey Mill, & The Bourne, Surrey Upper Old Park, Lower Old Park, Weyburn, Heale, Park, Badshot Place, Aldershot Place, Prays Bridge, Badshot Green, Crumps Farm, Run Fall, Railway Line, Railway Station, Tongham Park, Sele, Dippenhall House, Cox Bridge House, Farnham Castle, Farnham, Cemetery, The Bourne River, West Mill, Railway Line, Railway Station, East Mill, Woolmer Hatch, Corn Mill, Compton Common, Waverley, Waverley Abbey, Mill, Sandy Farm, Farnham Hundred, Crooksbury Hill, Crooksbury Common, Wrecklesham, Bourn Or Brook River, Farnham Common, Westead Farm, Hill Side, Browns Farm, Sprickley, Frensham, Mill, Baily Place, Locks Hill, Pierpoint Lodge, Little Pond, The Grange, Sheep Hatch, Tilford Bridge, Wey River, Hankley Common, Abbots Pond, Tadmore House, Frensham Pond, Frensham Common, Red Urn Green, Charte, Kettlebury Hill, Pitch Place, Thursley, Hedge Farm, & Pitt Farm Poyle House, Wood, Wanborough, Church, Misley Farm, Wilderness Farm, Manor Farm, Tongham Park, Down Farm, Hogs Back, Turnpike, Puttenham, Church, Conduit Farm, Common, Shoeland Farm, Heath, Polstead, Wagdon Common, Church, Puttenham Compton, Hampton Lodge, Losely Place, Cut Mill, Little Ing Farm, Gatwick Common, Shackleford, Binscomb, Barnes, Northwick Place, Michen Hall, Hurtmore, Fernecomb, Warren Hill, Common, Attleford, Mill, Wey River, Elsted, Church, Somerset Farm, Pepper Harrow Park, Lower Eashing, Westbrook Place, Upper Eashing, Church, Railway Station, Railway Line, Church, Godalming, Godalming Hundred, Crownpit Sand, Rat House Farm, Rye Hill Common, Milford, Mousehill, Hustbridge Park, Thursley Common, Witley Common, Lady Cross, Mitford Station, Rake Mill, Iron Mills, Hammer Ponds, Wheeler Street, Hide Stile Farm, Little Enton Farm, Rock Farm, Mill, Enton Farm, Witley, Thursley, Church, Cosford House, Mill, Lea House, Lea Farm, Winkford Farm, Wormley Heath, Church, Hambledon, Hedge Farm, Hay Hall, Parsonage, Hay Farm, Bowler Green, Brook Green, & Brick Hill Common Wilderness Farm, Railway Station, Guildford, New Road, Cemetery, Henley Grove, Turnpike, Halfpenny House, Pickards Farm, Katherine Hill, Shaldford, Littleton, Artington, East Shaldford, Railway Station, Godalming Canal, Reading Guildford & Reigate Railway, Shaldford Common, Loseley Place, Pease Marsh, Stone Bridge Bar, Garden Farm, New Warren, Merow Downs, Newlands Corner, Albury, Titings Farm, St Marthas Chapel, Halfpenny Farm, Chilworth, Weston Street, Tillingbourne River, Powder Mills, Locknor Farm, Railway Station, Great Tangley Farm, Potsford Farm, Little Tangley Farm, Black Heath, Black Heath Hundred, Ferncomb, Wey River, Unsted Farm, London And Portsmouth Railway, Railway Station, Bramley, Mill, Direct, Railway Station, Mill, Farley Heath, Corn Mill, Farley House, Snadlams, Godalming, Hinchuscomb Farm, Crownpit Sand, Godalming Hundred, Muntsted Heath, Vanhurst Far, Westland Farm, Marshall Vale, Little Cuckow Farm, Bushbridge Park, Thorncomb Street, Lines Farm, Derrys Farm, Portsmouth, Wonersh, Lee Farm, Norcote Farm, Shamley Green, Lodge Hill, Stroud Farm, Smarthurm Farm, Willingham Farm, Munsted Farm, Winkworth Far, Hide Stile Farm, Scotland Farm, High Downs Heath, Mill, Morepond Farm, Hascomb, Farm, Hambledon, Burgh Gate House, Upper Van Farm, Garbage Green, Lee Farm, Gate Street, Wintershill Farm, Grafsham Far, Rushwood Common, Common, Wipley Farm, Goose Green, Tillsey Farm, Rowley Far, Thornplish Green, Turnpike, Smith Brook, Wey Junction Canal, Common, Nore Farm, Lodge Farm, Elden Bridge, Painshill, & Paste Farm Netherns Wood, Sheep Walk, Newlands Corner, Netley Heath, Oaken Grove, Albury Downs, Comb Bottom, Oakhurst Downs, Kingswood, Dunlee, White Downs, Coal Kitchen Hole, Weston Street, Cooks Place, Netley Place, Shiere, Gomshall, Weston House, Albury Park, Mill, Mill, High House, Abinger Hammer, Padington House, Deerleap Wood, Tower Hill, Railway Station, Mill, Crossways Farm, Shire Heath, Padington Farm, Wotton Hundred, Reading Guildford & Reigate Railway, Ford, Common, Little London, Black Heath, London And Portsmouth Railway, Hill Farm, Cottles, Lawbrook House, Abinger, Lee Farm, Black Heath Hundred, Sutton, Farley Green, Dilton Farm, Wood House, Hazel Hall, Parkhurst, Hound House, Bury Place, Hoe, Mayor House, Hurtwood, Peastwickbottom, Pitland Street, Pasture Wood, Pitt House, Hurtwood Common, Smarthum Farm, Conyhurst Hill, Holmbury Hill, Camp, Coverwood Farm, Mosley Farm, Willingham Farm, Ewhurst Mill, Joeland Farm, Bearland Farm, Radnor Farm, Deacon Farm, Wittersome Farm, Icemongers Farm, German Farm, Smith Wood Common, Rapsley, Loserush Farm, Conyhurst Farm, Coophurst Farm, Fowls, High Edsur Farm, Woodland Farm, Forest Green, Barhatch Farm, Cobults Farm, Ewhurst, Upper Yard Farm, Yard Farm, Lyefield Farm, Thornplish Green, Canfold, Park House, Potham, Ewhurst Green, Lower Breech Farm, Cranley, Parkhatch Farm, Lower House Farm, Old House, Mays Green, Railway Station, Railway Line To Horsham, Bowles Farm, Knowl Farm, Hyde Park, Carland Farm, & Wallis Wood Green Ranmer, Railway Line, Railway Station, Parsonage Mill, Coomb Farm, Milton Court, Mill, Westcott Street, Sondes, Milton Heath, Parsonage, Milton Street, Berry Hill, Work House, Whiteland Farm, Treeshurst Farm, Rookery, Berry Hill Park, Farm, Bent Farm, Wotton Hatch, Logmoor Green, Boxham Farm, Wotton House, Chardhurst Farm, Pitbrook Bridge, River Mole, Mill, Betchworth Castle, Lodge, Dorking, Brockham, Deepden, Park Farm, Chart Park, Stone Bridge, Parkpale Farm, Scammels Farm, Root Hill, Stumbleholm Farm, Wotton Hundred, Lonesome Lodge, Ridland Farm, Abinger Common, Friday Street, Collickmore Farm, Ridland Hill, Folly Farm, Leith Hill Common, Vigo Farm, Cold Harbour, Hansted Farm or Anstie Bury, Moorhurst Farm, Tanhurst, Highland, Bear House, Arnold House, Brockham Common, Holm Wood 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Hampshire Seven Thorns, Road 28 Miles 7 Furlongs From Portsmouth, & Pophole Hammer, Hampshire; Farnham Hundred, Hindhead Common, Hacham Bottom, Devil's Punch Bowl, Royal Huts, Godalming Hundred, Top Of Hind Head (a High Hill), Upper Pitfall, Stately Farm, Railway Station, & Sturt Farm, Surrey; Road From Portsmouth, Shotover Mill, Sussex Bells, & Road To Chichester 19 Miles, Sussex; & Part of Hants Godalming Hundred, Bowler Farm, Devil's Punch Bowl, Top Of Hind Head (a High Hill), Park Farm, Hurt Hill, Witley Park, Park Wood, Sandall Lane, Burly Farm, Botley Wood, Combe House, Witley Railway Station, Noddy Farm, Common, Brickhill Common, Hambledon Hurst, North Bridge Bar, Stone House, Gunthum Farm, Windmill, Prestwick Farm, Invil Common, Wetting Common, Stately Farm, Haslemere, Grays Wood Common, Clamoor Hill, Newhouse Farm, Holdfast Farm, Prestwick Farm, West End Farm, Killinghurst House, Siddinghurst Farm, Bethwind Farm, Ramsnest Common, Chidingfold, Pickhurst Farm, Tugley, Gosted Farm, Common, Haste Hill, Leith Hill Farm, Bosells Farm, Ansted Brook, Rodgate Farm, Surrey; Part of Hants; Chaist Farm, Blackdown Common, Black Hill, Cripplecrouch Hill, & Fishes Street, Sussex Godalming Hundred, Lower Farm, Marwick Farm, Lower Van Farm, Little Pockford Farm, Stone House, Pockford Farm, Whitebeach Farm, Prestwick Farm, Park Hatch, Black Heath Hundred, High Loxley Farm, Hook House, High Illinghurst, Green, Dunsfold, Mill, Common, Pound House, River Arun and Wey Junction, Outworth, Hall Place, Mill Farm, Garson Farm, Holdhurst Farm, Brown House, Pierce Lane, Bridge Farm, Brockhurst Lees, Little Bookhurst, Redwood House, Arun River, Loxley Bridge, Measle Farm, Burningfold, Durfold Wood, Durfold Farm, Fisher Tane, Durgate, Richurst Farm, Fry Cross, Hurlings Farm, Sidney Wood, Knighton Farm, Aldfold Cross Ways, Aldfold Park Farm, Wildwood Farm, Aldfold House, Aldfold, Ifield Farm, Sidney Mill, Farm, Surrey; Parkfold Farm, Lions Farm, Plaistow, Oakhurst Farm, Songhurst, Gennets Bridge, Loxwood Common, Ifold Farm, & Loxwood, Sussex Black Heath Hundred, Cold Harbour, Railway Line, Hyde Park, Holdhurst Farm, Snoxall Farm, Reservoir, Longsthill Farm, Sommersbury, Longsthill Wood, Wood, Pierce Lane, Hammer Farm, Vachery Farm, Brookland Far, Banyards, Upper Sprout Farm, Sprout Farm, Hill House, Smokejack Farm, Maxell Farm, Bridge Farm, Brockhurst Lees, Newhouse Farm, Lodge Farm, Sansoms, Paddinfold, Brodstone Farm, Pinkhurst Farm, Wildwood Farm, Ifields Farm, Pallinghurst, Whites, Hook Street, Moses Place, Barnes Farm, Railway Station, Linacre Farm, Mybanks Farm, Cox Green, Ellens Green, Elling Farm, Furzen Gate, & Ironmongers Farm, Surrey; Woodhouse Farm, Hornshill Farm, Woodsome Farm, Linwick Farm, Railway Station, Railway Line to Horsham, Windmill, Rudgwick, Hermongers Farm, Blackwall Farm, Millfold Farm, Drunswick, & Gibbon's Mill, Sussex Black Heath Hundred, Stone Street Causeway, Eversheds, Lylewood, Wotton Hundred, Railway Line, Taylors Farm, Evershed Farm, Oakwood Chapel, Mill, Hobrook Farm, Lyne House, Oakwood Hill, Parsonage Farm, Oak River, Rookham Farm, Kings Farm, Garrett Farm, Bunnels Farm, Ridge Farm, Rome Farm, & Cowick Farm, Surrey; Monks Farm, Stone Farm, Lower Tickfold Farm, Kingsfold, Road From Brighton Thro Horsham 29 Miles 3 Furlongs, Shiremark Farm, Friday Street, Stammerham, Hickham Farm, & Rusper, Sussex; & Scale Of Miles Evershed Farm, & County Oak, Surrey; Alions Farm, Langhurst Farm, Gotwick Farm, Little Bonnicks, Prestwood, Ifield Court, Hickham Farm, Rusper, Crawley, Road To Brighton By The New Road Thro' Hicksted 22 Miles, Railway Station, & Horsham Branch Line, Sussex; & Scale Of Miles Summersveres Farm, Road From London To Brighton Thro' Cuckfield 51¼ Miles, Road From Brighton Thro' Lindfield 24½ Miles, Horsham Branch Line, 3 Bridges, & Rowfant Railway Station, Sussex Grinstead Common, Grinstead Mill, Road To Eastbourne &c., Road From Brighton Thro' Lindfield 24½ Miles, Hophurst, & Gullege, Sussex; & Map Explanation Map Explanation

The Map

Full Title:
Map Of The County Of Surrey From Trigonometrical Survey With The Roads, Parks & Railways, By Jas. Wyld, Geographer To The Queen.
Second Edition. Published by Jas. Wyld, Geographer to Her Majesty. Charing Cross East.
119.2cm x 90.3cm (47" x 35½")
1" : 1 Mile
Paddington (Middlesex) - Westerham (Kent) - Haslemere (Surrey) - Crondal (Hampshire)
A highly detailed folding map of Surrey, on the same scale as the 1" Ordnance Survey. A beautiful hand coloured 19th century map, dissected and mounted on linen. Hundred boundaries shown in outline colour.


This map records the position of many of the Milestones throughout Surrey.

Milestone distances were measured in several ways. The most common Milestone indicated either the distance in Miles from Westminster Bridge or from the Standard in Cornhill.

"The Standard was a conduit, with four spouts, made by Peter Morris, a German, in the year 1582, and supplied with Thames water, conveyed by leaden pipes over the steeple of St. Magnus' Church. It stood at the east end of Cornhill, at its junction with Gracechurch Street, Bishopsgate Street, and Leadenhall Street. The water ceased to run between 1598 and 1603, but the Standard itself remained long after. It was much used as a point of measurement of distances; and... several of our suburban milestones are still inscribed with "so many miles from the Standard in Cornhill." There was a Standard in Cornhill as early as the 2nd of Henry V." (Taken from Old and New London by Walter Thornbury, Volume 2, Page 170, London, 1878.)

Examples of distances recorded on the map measured from both Westminster Bridge and the Standard in Cornhill can be seen just north of Cobham.

Other Milestones shown on the map indicate the distance from a local Surrey town. An example of this can be seen on the road from Effingham to East Clandon, where the Milestones measure the distance from Leatherhead. Note that the Leatherhead section of the map does not actually show the positions of the Milestones from Leatherhead. The Milestones are only recorded on the adjacent section, so the mapmaker's approach to recording of the Milestone positions on the map appears to have been somewhat random.

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Transcription of the place names from the 1874 map of Surrey was generously carried out by a team of eager volunteers. I owe a debt of gratitude to all involved for their enormous efforts in making this such a success, enabling the implementation of the Search Engine for this map.

My sincere thanks to the transcribers for all of their help. Thank you!

Take a look at the Place Names Transcription Project page to see how the project was carried out.



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