Plan Of Sydney With Pyrmont 1836 MAPCO

Plan Of Sydney With Pyrmont 1836

Road from Parramatta, Lyndhurst, Residence of James Bowman Esqre., Glebe of St. Philip's Church, Glebe of St. James's Church, & Boundary Line Lyndhurst, Residence of James Bowman Esqre., Glebe of St. Philip's Church, Glebe of St. James's Church, Black Wattle Bay, Dr. Harris's Estate, & Ultimo Cottage Black Wattle Bay, Dr. Harris's Estate, Bunns House, Darling Harbour, & Pyrmont Dr. Harris's Estate, Ship from Parramatta, Pyrmont, Macarthur Point, Darling Point, Pyrmont Bay, & Darling Harbour Map Title, Note & Explanations, & Bellington's Wharf Map Title, Note & Explanations, & Miller's Point
Road from Parramatta, Ultimo House, Botany Bay Road, Intended Street, Benevolent Asylum, Turnpike Gate, Burial Grounds, Presbyterian Burial Ground, Jewish Burial Ground, Catholic Burial Ground, Protestant Burial Ground, Cleveland House, Albion Brewery, & Map Scale Ultimo Cottage, Ultimo House, Darling Harbour, Turnpike Gate, Dickson's Steam Engine, Sussex Street, Brickfield Hill, Carter's Barracks, Cattle Market, Campble Street, Goulburn Street, Liverpool Street, Watch House, Upper Pitt Street, Castlereagh Street, Elizabeth Street, Proposed Street, South Head Road, Wolomoloo, & Map Scale Darling Harbour, Barker's Steam Engine, Street's Wharf, Market Wharf, Sussex Street, Kent Street, Watch House, Brickfield Hill, Liverpool Street, Bathurst Street, Druit Street, West Market Street, Clarence Street, York Street, Foundation of St. Andrew's Church, Old Burial Ground, Police Office, Market Place, George Street, Upper Pitt Street, Park Street, East Market Street, Castlereagh Street, Elizabeth Street, Chapel, Hyde Park, South Head Road, Sydney College, Catholic Chapel, & Wolomoloo Darling Harbour, Soldier's Point, Military Bathing House, Sussex Street, Kent Street, Clarence Street, York Street, George Street, Pitt Street, West King Street, East King Street, Erskine Street, Watch House, Police Magistrate, Military Barracks, Barrack Lane, Barrack Square, Scotch Church, Jamison Street, Treasury, St. Philip's Church, Castlereagh Street, Elizabeth Street,  Phillip Street, Macquaire Street, Post Office, Spring Street, O'Connell Street, Hunter Street, Bligh Street, Bent Street, School House, Court House, St. James's Church, Surveyor General's Office, Chapel, School of Industry, General Hospital, Hyde Park Barracks, Catholic Chapel, Government Domain, & Botanic Gardens Darling Harbour, Kent Street, Windmill, Windmill Street, Military Hospital, Quarries, Fort, Fort Street, Princes Street, Argyle Street, Cumberland Street, Gloucester Street, Harrington Street, Charlotte Place, St. Philip's Church, Guard House, Jail, Custom House, George Street, Commissarial Offices, Lumber Yard, King's Wharf, Dock Yard, Naval Office, Bridge Street, Macquaire Place, Sydney Cove, Secretary's Office, Government House, Proposed Public Wharf, Government Stables, Mill, Government Domain, Botanic Gardens, Bathing House, & Farm Cove Port Jackson, Aspinal & Brown's Wharf, Pitman's Wharf, Walker's Wharf, Dawes Battery, Dawes Point, Campbell's Wharf, Sydney Cove, Map Compass, Note on Soundings, Government Domain, Macquaire Fort, Bennelong Point, Port Lachlon, & Farm Cove

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The Map

Full Title:
Plan Of Sydney With Pyrmont, New South Wales; The Latter The Property Of Edwd. Macarthur Esqre. Divided Into Allotments For Building. 1836.
J. Basire, Lith.
Select Committee On Transportation 1837
Date Published:
14 July 1837
38.5cm x 29.9cm (15¼" x 11¾")
Report From The Select Committee On Transportation Together With The Minutes Of Evidence, Appendix and Index. Ordered, By The House Of Commons, To Be Printed, 14 July 1837.
Pyrmont - Dawes Point - Wolomoloo - Parramatta Road
Historic folding map of Sydney on 19th century paper. Hand coloured. Title at top right. Excellent condition.

A note below the Map Title records the following legend for the land at Pyrmont:

The part tinted Brown shews the ground reclaimable from the Sea.
Green, is proposed to be reserved.
Yellow, shews what is proposed as a reserve for Fortification.
Pink, as a site for a Church.
Blue, is reserved for a Wharf

Pyrmont contains 60 acres. 1 rood. 16 perches.
Reserved 13 acres. 1 rood. 0 perches.
Reserved for Church 1 acre. 0 roods. 32 perches.
Reserved for Fortification 1 acre. 2 roods. 0 perches.
Reserved for Wharf 1 acre. 0 roods. 0 perches.
Reclaimable Land, about 10 acres. 0 roods. 0 perches.


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Plan Of Pyrmont

The Allotments from 1 to 48 are one Chain in width, three in depth, and contain three square Chains. From 19 (sic) to 79 they are one Chain wide & of different depths. From 80 to 86 they are two chains in street frontage & of various depths. From 87 to 99 they are of irregular dimensions & contents.

The Allotments

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Ship from Parramatta

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