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Wallis's Plan Of The Cities Of London And Westminster 1801

Map Title Map Title Sommers Town Pentonville Pentonville City Gardens Hoxton Bethnal Green Bethnal Green Globe Town
Portman Square Cavendish Square & Hanover Square Bedford Square & Soho Square Holborn Holborn & West Smith Field Barbican & Cheapside Bishopsgate & Shoreditch White Chapel Mile End Mile End & Stepney
Hyde Park Green Park Charing Cross Covent Garden & Strand Temple & Blackfryers Bridge St Paul's & London Bridge Aldgate & The Tower Goodmans Fields & Ratcliff Upper Shadwell Limehouse
Knightsbridge & Sloan Square Pimlico Westminster & Millbank Lambeth St Georges Fields Southwark Southwark & Bermondsey Rotherhithe Rotherhithe & Explanation Key Hackney-Coach Fares

The Map

Full Title:
Wallis's Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster 1801
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John Wallis, No.16 Ludgate Street
January 24th 1801
89cm x 45cm (35" x 17¾")
6¼" : 1 statute mile
Pentonville - Stepney - Lambeth - Hyde Park
Folding map. Slipcase in poor condition, though label is better preserved. Hand coloured sections laid down on linen. Title on oval at top left. Explanation of symbols, Hackney-Coach Fares and Scale at bottom right. This map is extended East by an extra sheet 17¾" x 8¼", from Rotherhithe to Stepney.

An unrecorded variant of Howgego No. 214 (4), this copy does not include the additional title "The Isle Of Dogs and the New Docks for the West India Trade" in an oval at the top left as cited in Howgego, nor the imprint "Published May 18th 1801 by J. Wallis".


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The Slipcase Label



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The Map Title



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The Hackney-Coach Fares


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