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Old Folks Reunion
Town Hall ~ Port Adelaide
Oct. 20th. 1937

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The Photograph

Full Title:
Old Folks Reunion.
Town Hall ~ Port Adelaide
Oct. 20th. 1937
Ralph Wright ~ Mayor.
Old Folks Reunion 1937
McNeill Studios, Port Adelaide
Oct. 20th. 1937
Photo: 45cm x 32.5cm (19" x 12¾")
Matt: 69.7cm x 46.5cm (27½" x 18¼")
Frame: 86.2cm x 63cm (34" x 24¾")
Large high-gloss black and white photographic print, with some discolouration due to age and chemical residue. Beautifully framed in ornate oak frame. Number 317 and a name (illegible) written on the back of the photograph and also on the matt.

The pioneering families of Port Adelaide would have lived on blocks sold in early land subdivisions, such as the 1852 sale of land in Section 2112 B. A reunion of Port Adelaide's old residents took place at the Town Hall on October 20th, 1937, many of whom would have descended from the original purchasers this land. These folk would have constructed many of the houses and buildings in Port Adelaide. It is fair to say that Port Adelaide as we know it today is built upon their labour.

My own ancestors arrived at the Port of Adelaide in 1855, and have been resident in Port Adelaide since c1870. As such, the family have made a significant economic and political contribution to the Port district over the past 136-odd years.

This Old Folks Reunion gathering, which took place on 20 October 1937, was photographed by McNeill Studios, Port Adelaide. The clock on the wall shows the time as 4:32pm. This compelling photographic record of that day is entitled:

Old Folks Reunion, 1937

This is an interesting and historically important photograph of old Port Adelaide residents. Please contact me if you can help to identify any of the people shown in this photograph.



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