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Sketch Map - Adelaide, South Australia, 1913 MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online

Sketch Map - Adelaide, South Australia, 1913

Gulf St. Vincent Gulf St. Vincent, Outer Harbor, Postal & Telegraph Office, Pelican Point, Point Grey, Shallow Reach, Snapper Point, Mangroves, Jetty, Mangroves, Torrens Island, Telephone Line, Port River, North Arm, & Ingleside Shallow Reach, Snapper Point, Mangroves, Torrens Island, Angas Inlet, Garden Island, North Arm, Mangroves, Swan Alley Creek, Broad Creek, Tramway, North Arm Creek, Road from Virginia, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Snell, Windmill, Jensen, Windmill, Bolivar, Hotel, Post Office, Windmill, Deal Court, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Ford, McCaulay, Wright, Windmill, Wallaroo Road, & Northern Railway (Double Line) Smith, Windmill, White, Beer Farm, Little Para River, Railway to Smithfield, Road to Smithfield, Flour Mill, Windmill, Road to Smithfield, Harvey's, Windmill, Riverdale, Salisbury, Lutt, Middleton, Jago, Bullmouth, Bullmouth Road, Windmill, Almond Grove, O'Brien, Angas House, The Peppers, Trevalsa, Wright, McCley, Red House, Avenue, Wittlesea, Newhaven, Quarry, Windmill, Windmill, Northern Railway (Double Line), Cross Keys Road, Windmill, Windmill, Main North Road, Parkfield, Goodall, Valley Farm, Hillside, Windmill, The Levels, Windmill, & Rosabell Road to One Tree Hill, Nalyappa, Little Para River, Old Spot, Quarry, Portview, The Para Hills, Ford, Old Shearing Sheds, Bishop, Downs, Windmill, Taylor, Bullmouth, Bullmouth Road, The Lookout, Copper Hill, Cobbler's Creek, Trevalsa, The Manse, Golden Grove, Gibson, Primrose, Quarry, Greenwith, Sandford, Surrey, Brooklyn, Coleman, Quarry, Louden Hill, Keithcot, Seaview, Surrey Hill, The Pines, Pitt, Windmill, Rawling, Drumonara, Collingwood, Tea Tree Gulley, & Tea Tree Gulley Range Road to Sampson Flat, Richardson, Kirkland, Attiford, Hope Hill, Road to One Tree Hill, Kirks, Burke, Little Para River, Gedding, Maxwell Hill, Maxwell, Colebatch, Humbug Scrub, Big Hill, Clay Hill, Paradell, Paraglen, Lea Green, Millar, Golden Acres, Bagshaw, Mt. Gawler, Hut, Louden Hill, Louden, Lurwood, Slippen, Stockland, Lower Hermitage Road, Linlithgow, Rocky Bank, Hoolahan, Cook, Nob Hill, Salem, Glen Ewin, Phens, Hazeldene, Inglewood, Costa View, Breakneck Hill, & Millbrook Glenroy, Road to Williamstown, Park Gardens, Wattle Farm, Bidwood, Buchby, Butcher, Fairview, Smith's Hill, Hut, Highview, Kersbrook, Rifle Hill, Shirley, Mt. Gould, Forreston Ridge, Slippen, Back Road, The Firs, Ward, Waterdale, Tunnel Hill, Williamstown Road, Pitman, Avondale, Symonds Hill, Eton Height, Bondlee, Hynes, & River Torrens Apiary Hill, Watts, Fairview, Road to Williamstown, Dicken, Ford, Kohler No. 1, Hannaford, Boundary Farm, Hanna's Corner, Newhouse, Pontt Hill, Williamstown Road, Forreston, Apsley, Greenhill, Quinn, Waterhole, Ford, Waterhole, Ratchen, August, Fir Tree, Bleeze, Waterhole, Ford, Rathjen Hill, White House, Woodcutters Hill, Rocky Glen, Waterhole, Glen Allen, Waterhole, Rifle Butts, Waterhole, Sturms Hill, River Torrens, & Blumberg Road from Williamstown, Kohler No. 1, Hannaford, Waterhole, Kohler No. 2, Waterhole, Cromer, Kennedy, Elders Hill, Ruin, Waterhole, Black Snake Hill, Waterhole, Stony Creek Farm, Road to Mt. Pleasant, Road to Tungkillo, River Torrens, Kircher, & ??????
Gulf St. Vincent, & Lighthouse Gulf St. Vincent, Largs, Jetty, Semaphore, Jetty, Port River, Rifle Butts, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide - Dry Creek Railway (Single Line), Point Malcolm, Blairlogie, Mangroves, Adelaide - Port Adelaide - Semaphore - Largs & Outer Harbor Railway (Double Line), Estcourt House, Military Road, Heslop, Adelaide - Henley Beach Railway (Single Line), Seaton, The Grange, Jetty, Grange Road, Tockington Farm, Henley Beach, Jetty, & River Torrens North Arm Creek, Tramway, Port Adelaide - Dry Creek Railway (Single Line), Ryde, Dry Creek, P????? Crossing, Cross Keys, Gepps Cross, Wireless Telegraph Station, Athol Farm, Northern Railway (Double Line), Connoll, Cheltenham Race Course, Adelaide - Port Adelaide - Semaphore - Largs & Outer Harbor Railway (Double Line), Woodville, Sewerage Farm, Islington, Railway Workshops, Enfield, Port Road, Subway, Glen Elder, Bowden, Prospect, Grange Road, Hindmarsh, River Torrens, & North Adelaide P????? Crossing, Cross Keys, Windmill, Windmill, Windmill, Burton, Eastbourne, Windmill, Abattoirs, Northfield, Stockade, Souths, Dry Creek, Broadview, Rockybank, Wilkie, Bethanie, Bloomfield, The Corner, Aderley, Heathmore, Main North East Road, Gepp's Cross, Grand Junction Road, Conrads, William, Ardtornish Corner, Shortwood, Freebairn Corner, Winifred, Ford, Beefacres, Enfield, Myroff, Chaff Mill, Wharncliffe, River Torrens, Foot Bridge, Paradise, Foot Bridge, Lochiel Park, Hilltop, Ingamulta, Kapoola, Fourth Creek, Payneham, Alton, Third Creek, Magill Road, Magill, Second Creek, First Creek, & Norwood The Corner, Ladywood, Main North East Road, Gloster, Modbury, Hill Farm, Waterhole, Waterhole, Turner, Ellis Hill, Tea Tree Gulley Range, Houghton, Hope Valley, Tolley, Anstey Hill, Newman, Newman, Ardtornish Corner, Carlson, Reservoir, Highbury, Waterhole, Dunn, Dam, Waterhole, Springhead, Rabbit Hill, Aqueduct, Duncan Hill, Ford, River Torrens, Coutts, Ford, Paradise, Reservoir, Fifth Creek, Three Sugar Loaves, Castambul, White, Hillside, Black Hill, Fourth Creek, Alton, Stradbroke, Rocky Hill, Moore's Road, Montacute, Sandstone Hill, Oval, Tank, Third Creek, Morialta, Sinclair's Gully, & Norton's Summit Houghton, Inglewood, Glenburn, Rechabite Hill, Hawthorn, Highercombe, Green Hill, Spion Kop, Briardale, Hut, Mortinton, River Torrens, Prairie Hill, Prairie, Ford, Langley, Clovelly, Torrensview, SheepCot, Smith, Castambul, Sixth Creek, Ford, Sea View Hill, Hound's Creek, Brooks, Big Range, Kangaroo Creek, Black Springs, Constitution Hill, Angora Glen, Sandstone Hill, Gipp, Marble Hill, Clifton, Cherryville, Coralinga, Landmark Hill, Hale's, Forest Range, Thornton, Stringybark, Colon, & Ford Chain of Ponds, Billingsley, Mortinton, River Torrens, Ford, Hannaford, Randal, Gumeracha, Butter Factory, Ford, Oakdean, Langley, Mt. Bera, Ford, Ford, Ravine, Garton Vale, Cornish, Giddings, SheepCot, Hound's Creek, Limestone Range, Fox Creek, Cudlee Creek, Dingo Vale, Orange Vale, Model Cottage, Hilltop, Hatchland, Kenton Valley, Kenton Creek, Ferndale, Daniels, Kelly's Hill, Thornton, Stringybark, The Lodge, Green Gully, Angle Farm, Hocking, Hein, Nagle, Neudorf, Dam, Chaff Mill, Lobethal, Woolen Mill, Schoenthal, Paelchen Hill, & Paech River Torrens, Oakdean, Myrtle Bank, Ruin, Cornish, Richards, Hazeldell, Jenkins, McCormick Creek, Mullins, Hicks, Zadow, Foot Bridge, Angas Creek, Neuman Corner, Giddings, Kenton Valley, Mughull, Howard Creek, Ainsdale, Rouse, Wattlebury, Verral, Fox, Woodlands, Turner, Gowland, Kingston, Woodford, Mt. Torrens, Mount Torrens, Spennithorne, Bartsch, Mieglich Junction, Ford, Schubert, Wynott, Willowbank, Spring Head, Wilhelm, Schoenthal, Ford, Roseholm, Hartmer, Charleston, Dunn's Hill, Gumbanks, Bell Vue, Ford, Rickbrae, & Ruin McVitties Hill, Rosymorn, Neuman Corner, Holly Farm, Goat Hill, Hillview, Pine Hill, Waterhole, Hannam's Woolshed, Road to Tungkillo, Mount Sinai, Waterhole, Boundary Farm, Dilford Vale, Wilhelm, Bremer View, & Blooming Dale
Gulf St. Vincent Gulf St. Vincent, Holdfast Bay, Tramway, River Torrens, Wetunga, Military Road South, Wellington Road South, Frogmore, Richmond Road, Gray, Patawalonga Creek, River Sturt, Jetty, Glenelg, The Byre, & Road to Brighton Henley Beach Road, Adelaide, Starr, Richmond Road, Netley Farm, Adelaide - Glenelg (North Terrace) Railway, Richmond, Adelaide - Melbourne Railway (Double Line), Keswick, Military Barracks, Marlborough Road, The Pines, Marion Road, Bay Road, Adelaide - Glenelg Railway (Double Line), Goodwood Station, Unley, River Sturt, Morphettville, Race Course, The Byre, Road to Marion, Tucker, Oaklands, Chaff Mills, Railway from Oaklands, Road to Marion, Willunga - Adelaide Railway (Single Line), South Road, Road to Reynella, Edwardstown, Windmill, Goodwood Road, Cross Road, Brownhill Creek, Mitcham Station, Blythwood Station, Clapham Station, & Road to Eden Adelaide, Race Course, Dulwich, Greenhill Road, First Creek, Tank, Burnside, Tank, Second Creek, Wattle Park, Unley, Unley Road, Oval, Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton Road, Fisher Street, Glen Osmond, Green Hill, Waterfall Gully, Cross Road, Mount Osmond, Mountain Hut, Adelaide - Melbourne Railway (Double Line), Mitcham Station, Blythwood Station, Clapham Station, Mitcham, Tank, Quarry, Brown Hill, Brownhill Creek, Sanatorium, Road from Blackwood, Belair, Belair Station, Road to Mt. Lofty, Grieg, Road to Crafers, & Brook's Gully Wattle Park, Giles Range, Horsnall, Rockdale Hill, Reedbeds, Norton's Summit, Spargo, Ashton, Stonyfell, Slape's Gully, Kent, Dunn, David, Oval Hill, Summertown, Deep Creek, Uraidla, Long Ridge, Waterfall Gully, Ford, Kiosk, Little Mount, Furz, Mt. Carey, Mount Lofty, Carminow, Arthur's Seat, Piccadilly, Woodhouse, Brook's Gully, Day, Road from Belair, Boode House, Crafers, Road to Stirling, Road to Stirling, & Road to Aldgate Sheoak Hill, Spargo, Deep Creek, Oval, Burdett, Bluff Range, Ebst, Forest Range, Collins, Schultz, Vickers, Martin's Block, Hawke, Bishop, Steers, Probert, De Plury, Givendale, Ruins, Pye, Arcadia, Jenkins, Mt. Carey, Cook, Carey's Gully, Gates, Sheuard Hill, Long's Hill, Watt, Zogal Hill, Mine Hill, Windmill, Waterhole, Fir Lea, Mt. George, Tejado, Road from Bridgewater, Galashields, Gravel Pits, Waterhole, Onkaparinga River, Road from Grunthal, & Balhannah Bank Shire, Waldheim, Sunny Vale, Vickers, Martin's Block, Ruin, Ruin, Schoel, Smith, Wuttke, Ford, Western Branch (Onkaparinga River), Waterhole, Spoehr, Pennick, Braeside, Onkaparinga River, Von Howell, Woodside, Butter Factory, Eastern Branch (Onkaparinga River), Windmill, Esau, Mine Road, Ford, Jenkins, Size, Williams Hill, Fir Lea, Glen Artney, Ford, Windmill, Liberton, Ford, River View, Inverbrache, Drummond, Ford, Three Sisters, Windmill, Whitker, The Wheat Sheaf, Elderslie, Waterhole, River Hill, Waterhole, Bridge, Balhannah, Saw Mill, Balhannah, Road to Mt. Barker Jun, Brewery, Oakbank, Foot Bridge, Ford, Race Course, Brewery, Dahtober, Ruin, Glenthorn, Hill View, Ruin, Johnson Hill, Mitchell, Shaft, Glen Dew, Ruin, Ruin, & Road from Nairne Mt. Charles, Quarry, Teakle's Hill, Hay's Hill, Willow Park, Well, Bleakside, Eastern Branch (Onkaparinga River), Bore, New Era, Ford, Graeber, Ruin, Ford, Sandy Waterholes, Rose Hill, Ford, Ruins, Teakle, Payne, Windmill, Esau, Mine Road, Reefton Heights, Donoghue, Wall, Basin Hill, Windmill, Harrogate Road, Key Hut, White House, Ford, Brushyards, Red Hill, The Wheat Sheaf, Elderslie, Dalmeen, Road from Nairne, Murdock's Hill, Peacock, Priess, Waterhole, Gum Glen, Scott's Creek, Ruins, Waterhole, Avery Hill, Foot Bridge, Ford, Waterhole, Ford, Cattle, Road from Nairne, & Road from Dawsley Hay's Hill, Ruin, Summerfield, Rose Gully, Klose, Wattle Hill Farm, Freestone Hill, Road to Harrogate, Ruin, Waterhole Creek, Homestead Hill, Road to Harrogate, Mt. Beevor Homestead, Ruin, & Road to Kanmantoo
Notes on Framework of Map Notes on Framework of Map, & Legend Legend Legend, & Scale Scale Scale, & Legend Legend Legend, & Index to Adjoining Sheets Map Title, & Imprint

The Map

Full Title:
Sketch Map - Adelaide, South Australia, 1913.
Other Title:
Adelaide, South 154 M/IV Southern Half, South Australia.
Prepared by:
Prepared by Commonwealth Section. Imperial General Staff. Commonwealth Department of Defence.
Photo-Lithographed at the Department of Lands and Survey, Melbourne, by W.J. Butson, 22.10.14.
Published by Albert J. Mullett, Government Printer, Melbourne, June, 1915.
Publication Date:
June 1915
94.5cm x 56.2cm (37¼" x 22")
1":1 mile, or, 1:63,360 Polyconic Projection.
Salisbury - McVitties Hill - Crafers - Gulf St. Vincent
Photo-lithographed colour map, printed on paper, mounted on linen without dissection. Extreme wear at folds and corners with some loss.

This map was produced as part of the Commonwealth military survey of Australia (1914-1964), which commenced just prior to World War I.

The note on the map reads:

The framework of this sheet is based on the primary triangulation and hundreds plans of the Lands Dept. South Australia.
Levels obtained from Public Depts. of S.A. and extended by Aneroid.
Datum Low water, Tide Gauge Port Adelaide.
Contours determined by Aneroid & Clinometer.
Polyconic projection.
Surveyed 1913. Del 1914.

A Legend to the map is included below the bottom border.

Map Legend
Bridge (wood, stone, or iron) Legend
Culvert Legend
Waterhole Legend
Swamp or Marsh Legend
Creek Legend
Watercourse (non perennial) Legend
Railway line Legend
Railway crossing Legend
Cutting Legend
Embankment Legend
Tunnel Legend
Telegraph or Telephone line Legend
Telegraph Office Legend
Road metalled
Road formed
Road unformed
Track Legend
Fence Legend
Sign Post Legend
House Legend
School Legend
Post Office Legend
Hotel Legend
Blacksmith's Shop (forge) Legend
Church Legend
Mill or Factory Legend
Lighthouse Legend
Beacon Legend
Windmill Legend
Cemetery Legend
Timber Legend
Scrub Legend
Cliff Legend
Altitude Legend
Trig Station Legend
Contours Legend

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