Cruchley's New Plan Of London 1827 MAPCO

Cruchley's New Plan Of London Improved To 1827.
Including The East And West India Docks.

Regent's Park Regents Park & Camden Town Pancras & Somers Town Clerkenwell Hoxton & Shoreditch Hackney & Bethnal Green Globe Town & Mile End Oldford & Bow Bromley & Compass Rose
Hyde Park Green Park & St. George, Hanover Square Holborn & Whitehall Smithfield & Southwark Bishopsgate & Southwark Stepney & London Dock Stepney & Rotherhithe Limehouse & Poplar Blackwall Reach
Brompton & Chelsea Pimlico Westminster & Lambeth Newington & Walworth Bermondsey & Walworth Rotherhithe & Meadow Land Commercial Docks & Deptford Limehouse Reach & Isle Of Dogs Isle Of Dogs & Blackwall Reach

The Map

Full Title:
Cruchley's New Plan Of London Improved To 1827. Including The East And West India Docks
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G.F. Cruchley, Map-Seller, 38 Ludgate Street, London.
44cm x 92cm (17¼" x 24") excluding border
4&7/8" : 1 statute mile
Hoxton - East India Docks - Walworth - Brompton
Engraved and Published from a plan by Arrowsmith. Folding plan, with hard cover slipcase. Hand coloured sections laid down on linen. Title set in top border. Imprint and reference to symbols in lower border. References to size and date of opening of docks in lower border.

This 1827 London plan by George Frederick Cruchley, Engraver and Mapseller, is catalogued in Howgego as No. 304-B (2). The proposed new Collier Docks are shown in the Isle of Dogs, but these were not built. Millwall Docks now occupy part of this site (Howgego pp197).

The title printed on the slipcase is "Cruchley's New Plan Of London In Miniature." The title on the slipcase differs from the title printed on the plan itself, although the slipcase description does match the extent of the plan.

The plan is in good condition for its age, although there is a small piece missing from the top left of the Bermondsey & Walworth section.

Brief History Of This Plan

Sourced from Japan, this plan was probably part of a large London collection that has been split up in recent years. Hand written note on top right section records "From Wm. Robinson's Cat. No. 30, item 556. 5/- "

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