A Topographical Map Of The Country Twenty Miles Round London 1800 MAPCO

A Topographical Map Of The Country
Twenty Miles Round London

King's Langley, Hertfordshire Welwyn & St. Albans, Hertfordshire Hertford & Wormley, Hertfordshire Widford, Hertfordshire, & North Weald, Essex Fifield, Essex
Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, & Wexham, Buckinghamshire Watford, Hertfordshire, & Harrow On The Hill, Middlesex Enfield & London, Middlesex Epping & Dagenham, Essex Blackmore & Horndon On The Hill, Essex
Langley, Buckinghamshire, & Byfleet, Surrey Acton, Middlesex, & Ewel, Surrey London, Middlesex, & Croydon, Surrey Woolwich & Halsted, Kent Orset, Essex, & Stansted, Kent
Wistley, Surrey, & Explanation Epsom & Dorking, Surrey Sandersted & Cowhurst, Surrey, & Scale Knockholt & Edenbridge, Kent Wrotham, Kent, & Explanation

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The Map

Full Title:
A Topographical Map Of The Country Twenty Miles Round London, Planned From A Scale Of Two Miles To An Inch By Willm Faden, Geographer To The King
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William Faden, Charing Cross
September 1st, 1800
Circular 56cm diameter (22" diameter)
½" : 1 statute mile
Chelsing - Tilbury - Dorking - Eton.

Folding map, hand coloured in outline, with parks coloured. Explanation bottom left and bottom right outside map. Imprint and scale below.
(Howgego Pg 142)

This map is recorded in Howgego as No. 193 (2). The first edition of this map was published by Faden in 1790. The date imprint of this edition has been changed to "Sepr 1st 1800". Paddington Canal is shown on the map.

Use the thumbnail images above to navigate this map. Each map section page includes four enlarged views of that section, allowing the map to be studied in the finest detail.

This map of the Country Round London has been framed and on display for the past 9 years. As a result, the age toning of this map is quite pronounced due to UV exposure. This folding map was definitely a traveling map, and as such is a well used and grubby item. It is quite stained in places, but overall is in good condition considering the amount of use it has seen over the centuries. There are a number of hand written notes in the blank border area.

Unfortunately the slipcase for this map is currently missing. However, Faden's label is affixed to the linen backing of the map. You can click on the image to the right for an enlarged view of the label.
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This is the first of many London Environs maps that will be displayed on the MAPCO website.

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