London From The South Side Of The Thames 1861 MAPCO

From The South Side Of The Thames.
Supplement To The Illustrated London News
February 9, 1861.

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The Panorama

Full Title:
London From The South Side Of The Thames.
Supplement To The Illustrated London News,
February 9, 1861.
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Publisher: Illustrated London News
9 February 1861
Sheet Size:
57.5cm x 144cm (22½" x 56¾")
Engraving Size:
43cm x 132cm (17" x 52")
Millbank to St Catharine's Dock
Engraved and published as a supplement to the Illustrated London News, on bright, good quality newspaper. Folded as issued. Key to the view included.

This balloon or birds-eye panoramic view of London was issued as a supplement to the Illustrated London News on 9 February 1861.

The panorama is in very good condition for its age, although it is fragile at the folds. It has visible fold lines as issued, and has some false folds from improper re-folding over the years. There are a few small splits at the corner folds, mended on reverse with archival tissue; and a 1½" inch tear where its was removed from the Illustrated London News volume, not entering the engraved image. The false folds are most obvious in the region above Tower Hill in Section 12.

Included on pages 130 & 131 of the issue was a key map entitled "Key To The Large View Of London." The key map references 282 buildings and places in the panorama.

Key Section 1 Key Section 2 Key Section 3 Key Section 4 Key Section 5 Key Section 6

Key To The Large View Of London

I have split the key into 6 sections. Each section overlaps the adjacent columns of text to ensure that the references are easy to read. The key can be accessed directly from each of the panorama section pages.

Technical Notes

Scanning this panorama was difficult due to the fragility of some of the folds. To avoid damage it was necessary to scan the panorama in uneven sections. As such, the images vary in width, although this variation is not reflected in the thumbnail navigation views at the top of each page.

The height difference between the top and bottom sections of the engraving is a result of scanning the entire sheet from the very edge to the middle. The point where the top and bottom sections join is actually the centre height of the full sheet. However, this is not the centre height of the engraving because the bottom margin is much wider than the top margin.

There are particular technical difficulties with scanning newspaper engravings of this type. The fine lines can merge and cause unpleasant irregular patterns known as moiré patterns. These are most apparent in the sky sections of the panorama. The worst example can be seen in the clouds of Section 5.

This same issue also caused colour problems in the scanned images, which led me to convert the individual images to greyscale. Note that the thumbnail images, borderless view, and titles are the original colour scans. These images are nice because they illustrate the lovely creamy white colour of the paper, still bright after 145 years.

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