Mogg's Strangers Guide To London 1834 MAPCO

Mogg's Strangers Guide To London
Exhibiting all The Various Alterations & Improvements
Complete To The Present Time
January 1st, 1834.

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The Map

Full Title:
Mogg's Strangers Guide To London And Westminster, Exhibiting All The Various Alterations & Improvements Complete To The Present Time
Edward Mogg, No. 14 Great Russell Street, Covent Garden
January 1st. 1834
60cm x 50.5cm (23½" x 19¾")
3¾" : 1 statute mile
Pentonville - Ratcliff - Kennington - Brompton.
Folding map. Slipcase missing. Hand coloured sections laid down on linen. Title in top margin. Imprint below map in bottom margin. Date added above compass star. Map squared and margins lettered and numbered for reference. List of 500 "Principal Places" below map.

An unrecorded variant of Howgego No. 238 (6)

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