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Stanford's Map Of London
Showing The Boundaries Of Parishes,
Ecclesiastical Districts, And Poor Law Divisions

Hampstead Hampstead & Marylebone St. Pancras & Islington Islington & Shoreditch Hackney & Bethnal Green Hackney & Poplar
Kensington & Fulham Kensington & Paddington Marylebone, Strand & St. Georges Holborn & St. Saviours Mile End Old Town, Stepney, & St. Olaves Poplar
Fulham & Wandsworth Chelsea, Wandsworth & Clapham Clapham & Lambeth St. Saviours & Camberwell Greenwich & Camberwell Greenwich & Lewisham

The Map

Full Title:
Map Of London Showing The Boundaries Of Parishes, Ecclesiastical Districts, And Poor Law Divisions.
Published by Edward Stanford, 55, Charing Cross, London.
Original map published July 2nd, 1875. This copy revised July 1877.
79cm x 58.5cm (31" x 23")
3" : 1 statute miles
Holloway - River Lea - Clapham Common - Hammersmith
Folding map. Sections laid down on linen. Hand coloured in outline. Explanation, scale bar, and imprint in bottom margin. The population of each district is shown.
Recorded in Hyde as No. 157 (1).

This map is a very useful tool for researching the location and extent of London parishes in the latter half of the 19th century.

A note in bottom left margin of Stanford's parish map of London reads: "Published For The Metropolitan And National Nursing Association, 23 Bloomsbury Square, & Corrected To July 1877."

A key is shown in the bottom left margin:

Map Key

An explanation in the bottom left margin reads: "The numbers refer to the population of each district as given in the London & Rochester Dioceses Book for 1877."

An explanation in the bottom right margin reads: "Under an Act of Parliament of 1875 the Ecclesiastical districts North of the Thames in this Map are in the Diocese of London (except St. Paul's Christchurch, and St. John's Stratford & West Ham which are in St. Alban's) and those to the South of the Thames are in Rochester."

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