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Stanford's Map Of The County Of London 1898.


Title: A Map Of The County Of London Shewing The Boundary Of The Jurisdiction Of The London City Council, Also The Boundaries Of The Sanitary Districts, Parishes, District Boards Of Works, Extra Parochial Places, And The City Of London.

Year: 1898

Publisher: Published by Edward Stanford, 26 & 27 Cockspur st., Charing Cross, S.W., London. Dec. 19th 1898.

Extent: Crouch End - Abbey Wood - Anerley - Kew

Scale: 2": 1 Statute Mile

Notes: Recorded in Hyde as No. 105 (24).

A note top left reads:

Areas for Municipal Government under the London Local Government Bill are bounded by a broad Red Line...

The remainder of the area of the County Of London outside the City will be divided into Local Government Areas before November, 1900, by the Commission to be appointed.

The City of London is outside the scope of the Bill.


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Stanford's Map Of The County Of London 1898



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