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Stanford's School Board Map
City Of London

Map Title Map Title Map Title & Charterhouse Street Aldersgate & St. Bartholomew's Hospital Whitecross & Wood Street Ropemaker Street & London Wall Finsbury Circus Bishopsgate Street Without East India Depot Map Border
Child's Place & Garden Court Holborn & King's Bench Walk Farringdon Street & New Bridge Street Little Britain & Queen Victoria Street Wood Street & Cannon Street Moorgate Street & West Cannon Street London Wall & Eastcheap Houndsditch & Fenchurch Street Houndsditch & Minories Somerset Street & Goodmans Yard
Temple Pier & The Thames Temple Gardens & The Thames Blackfriars Station & Blackfriars Bridge Puddle Dock & St. Pauls Pier Upper Thames Street & Southwark Bridge Cannon Street Station & Allhallows Pier Lower Thames Street & London Bridge Great Tower Street & Custom House E. & W. India Dock Company Ware Houses, & Great Tower Street Map Border & Imprint

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The Map

Full Title:
School Board Of London - City Of London
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View The Label
Stanford's Geogl. Estabt. London
28.7cm x 17.8cm (11¼" x 7")
6" : 1 Mile
City of London
Title top left. Imprint and scale in bottom margin.

The School Board Of London map, City of London Division, is recorded in Hyde as No. 168 [ii].

Stanford's School Board Map was produced in 1877 at the request of the School Board Of London. The School Board was formed as a result of the Education Act of 1870 to ensure that every child in the country between the age of 5 and 13 attended school. The maps were produced to illustrate the locations of existing schools and show the deficiencies in current school places, as well as to show where new schools could be located.

Stanford used his highly detailed Library Map Of London And Its Suburbs as the base map for production of the London School Board Maps. Stanford's Library Map was first published in 1862, with 10 further editions issued in the years leading up to 1877. It is recorded in Hyde as No. 91, with a total number of 21 editions or states between 1862 and 1901.

It is interesting to note that the School Board of London only requested 200 sets of Stanford's original 1877 School Board map. These were distributed to School Board members, superintendents of the various London school divisions, school inspectors, and their assistants.

Each set consisted of 10 maps, being:

  1. Chelsea
  2. City Of London
  3. Finsbury
  4. Greenwich (Consisting of 2 sheets, Greenwich East & Greenwich West)
  5. Hackney
  6. Lambeth (Consisting of 2 sheets, Lambeth East & Lambeth West)
  7. Marylebone
  8. Southwark
  9. Tower Hamlets
  10. Westminster

The map of the City Of London Division displayed here has been scanned at a large image size to ensure clarity of detail.

I hope that you find this map interesting and useful.

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