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Map Of Surrey 1874 MAPCO

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The transcription of place names from the map images is a fairly easy and straightforward task.

I would simply ask that you start at the top left of your allocated image and then work across and down, left to right, top to bottom, transcribing all place names and recording any significant features as you go.

Use your best judgment as to the actual order of the names.

The method I would recommend is:

1) Divide the map section into 6 imaginary sections of approximately equal area (see example image below).

2) Starting at the top left, transcribe the first section (Section 1), working top to bottom, left to right. Often the features on the map will dictate how you transcribe, so there is really no right or wrong approach.

3) Once the area of Section 1 has been transcribed, move to the right and transcribe Section 2 in the same manner.

4) Move down and to the left, and transcribe Section 3... and so on, and so on, until completed.

I find that this approach allows me to break the map down into manageable transcription areas that I can easily keep track of. This is particularly useful for very busy (congested) areas of maps. For instance, consider applying this method to a map of central London and the benefits become all too clear (do take a look at that London map section).

Section 1
(transcribe first)

Section 2
(transcribe second)

Section 3
(transcribe third, etc.)

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6
(transcribe last)

When transcribing, I use features shown on the map to help define my areas if possible. There may be a road, railway, or river that acts as a border that I can work down to or across to when transcribing. When I have finished that particular area I will start transcribing the next area beyond that feature. You will work out your own best way of approaching the map section allocated to you. Each map image will require an individual approach. As previously mentioned, there is no right or wrong way of doing this.

I will be checking the transcriptions for all 50 map sections before they are displayed online. The benefit of loosely maintaining the grid approach to transcribing is that it will help me to follow your transcription method when I check the 50 sections, making my job much easier.

Finally, for those with map sections at the edge of the county could you please record all of the places in other counties together, thus (from Surrey04):

Slough, Great Western Railway, Eton, Datchet, Railway Station, Parallel Of Latitude Of The Royal Observatory, Buckinghamshire; River Thames; Windsor, Little Park, Castle, Frogmore, Queen's Long Walk, Albert Bridge, Old Windsor, Windsor Great Park, Beaumonts Lodge, Berkshire; & Lions Green, Surrey.

I hope that this makes sense.

Feel free to contact me if you require clarification of any points, or advice regarding your allocated map section.

Good luck!



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