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Bowles's Reduced Plan Of London 1775. MAPCO

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The New Road From Paddington To Islington, Marybone Church, St Mary Le Bone, Paddington Street, Marybone Garden, Upper Harley Street, Mary Le Bone Place, Burying Ground, Great Marybone Street, Marybone Lane, Walbeck Street & Wimple Street Green Lane, Tottenham Court, The New Road From Paddington To Islington, Upper Harley Street, Mary Le Bone Place, Portland Place, Harley Street, Queen Anns Square, Great Titchfield Street, Little Queen Ann Street, Ogle Street, York Street, Chapel, Tottenham Court Road, Chapel Street, Charlotte Street, Goodge Street & Great Store Street Small Pox Hospital, Battle Bridge, The New Road From Paddington To Islington, Duke Of Bedford's New Road, Lambs Conduit Fields, Highgate Road, Burying Ground, Foundling Hospital, Great Store Street, British Museum, Bedford House, Southampton Row, Queen Square, (81) St Georgeís Queen Square, Great Ormond Street, Little Ormond Street, Gloucester Street, Devonshire Street, New North Street, East Street, Red Lion Street, Grange Street, James Street & The Kings Way The New Road From Paddington To Islington, Queens Row, New Pond, Road To Islington, The City Road, Sadlers Wells, New River Head, Tunbridge Wells, Bagnigge Wells, Black Marys Hole, Burying Ground, Pantheon, Rosoman's Row, Woods Close, King Street, Mount Pleasant, Cold Bath Fields, Coppice Row, (X) New Prison Clerkenwell, (Y) Bridewell Clerkenwell, Compton Street, Warner Street, Rag Street, Clerkenwell Close, (85) St James's Church Clerkenwell, North Prison Walk, St John's Street, Allen Street, Little Swan Alley, Sutton Street, Swan Alley, John Street, The Kings Way, Grays Inn Lane, Liquorpond Street, Leicester Street, Ayre Street, Hockley In The Hole, Little Saffron Hill, Clerkenwell Green, (86) St Johnís Clerkenwell St Johns Square, St John's Square, Portpool Lane, Hatton Wall, Vine Street, Leather Lane, Hatton Street, Saffron Hill, Cattle Yard, Turnmill Street, Red Lion Street, St John's Lane & Charter House Orphans School, The City Road, Path To Islington, Lady Lumleys Alms House, Compton Street, Allen Street, Goswell Street, Peartree Street, Brick Lane, Ironmonger Row, French Hospital, Little Swan Alley, Noble Street, Michel Street, Richmond Street, Peerless Pool, St Agnes Le Clare, Swan Alley, Rotten Row, Old Street, (89) St Luke's Old Street, Hatfields Street, Golden Lane, Swan Alley, White Cross Street, Chequer Alley, Brown Street, Featherstone Street, Royal Row, Tabernacle, Bell Alley, Fans Alley, Playhouse Yard, Blue Anchor Alley, Burying Ground, Windmill Hill, Bunhill Row, Artillery Ground, (R) St Luke's Hospital Upper Moorfields, & Windmill Hill Row Hoxton, Road To Newington, Hackney Road, Haberdashers Hospital, Hoxton Square, Crabtree Lane, St Agnes Le Clare, Hoxton Road, St Leonard, Virginia Row, Shoreditch, Cock Lane, New Nichols Street, Old Nichols Street, Cock Lane, New Cock Lane, Church Street, Holy-Well Street, York Street, Club Row, Bacon Street, Brick Lane, The Curtain, Anchor Street, Scalter Street, Hare Street, Windmill Hill Row, Worthup Street, Wheeler Street & St John's Street Hackney Road, Cambridge Heath, New Road To Bethnall Green, Bethnall Green, St Matthew's Bethnal Green, Wilmot Street, Hare Street & Dog Row Globe Lane & Bencrofts Hospital
Bullstrode Street, Bentink Street, Marylebone Lane, Wigmore Street, Great Queen Anne Street, Welbeck Street, Wimple Street, Portman Street, Orchard Street, Great Berkley Street, Quebec Street, Great Seymour Street, Portman Square, Somerset Street, Little Duke Street, Henrietta Street, Vere Street, Tyburn Turnpike, Oxford Street, North Row, Green Street, Woods Mews, Shepherds Mews, Park Street, North Audley Street, George Street, Queen Street, Duke Street, Bird Street, James Street, David Street, South Moulton Street, Woodstocks Mews, New Bond Street, Upper Brook Street, King Street, Upper Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, Brooks Street, Brooks Mews, Grosvenor Street, Reves's Mews, Adams Mews, Charles Street, Park Lane, Mount Street, Grosvenor Mewse, Brutons Mewse, South Audley Street, Part Of Hide Park, Chapel Street, South Street, Burying Ground, Farm Street, Hill Street, Hay Street, Berkley Square, Dean Street, Union Street, John Street, Chesterfield House, Curzon Street, Charles Street, Queens Street, Bouton Row, Halfmoon Street, Clergess Street, Hartford Street & Hide Park Corner Great Queen Ann Street, Harley Street, Chandois Street, Foley House, Edward Street, Great Portland Street, Titchfield Street, York Street, Union Street, Middlesex Hospital, Charles Street, Goodge Street, Charlotte Street, Tottenham Court Road, Windmill Street, Great Store Street, Percy Street, Wigmore Street, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, Mortimer Street, Little Portland, Wells Lane, Berners Street, Newmans Street, Rathbone Place, Hanway Lane, Margaret Street, Cavendish Street, Holles Street, Princess Street, Castle Street, Balfover Street, Oxford Market, Castle Street, Winflow Street, Oxford Street, (g) Pantheon Oxford Street, New Bond Street, Shephards Street, Great Swallow Street, King Street, Argyle Street, Poland Street, Newel Street, Holland Street, Deans Street, Soho Square, Princes Street, Great Marlboro Street, Portland Street, Wardour Street, Queen Street, Thrift Street, Green Street, Hanover Square, Berwick Street, Little Brook Street, Hanover Street, Carnaby Market, Broad Street, Brooks Mews, Avery Row, Great George Street, Maddox Street, (79) St Georgeís Hanover Square, Carnaby Street, Marshall Street, Little Windmill Street, Princes Street, Compton Street, (77) St Annís Dean Street Soho, Silver Street, Church Street, Grosvenor Street, Conduit Street, Knaves Acre, Grosvenors Mewse, Noel Street, Golden Square, King Street, Brutons Mewse, Burlington Row, Savil Row, Little Swallow Street, Warwick Street, Brewers Street, Great Windmill Street, Rupert Street, Bruton Street, Cliffords Street, Coventry Street, Leicester Square, Grafton Street, Old Bond Street, Corks Street, Virgo Lane, Glass House Street, Marybone Street, Sling Lane, Berkley Square, Hay Hill, Dover Street, Albermarl Street, (a) Burlington House Piccadilly, Sackville Street, Piccadilly, (84) St Jamesís Piccadilly, The Hay Market, Oxendon Street, Panton Street, Berkley Street, Boulton Row, Bolton Street, Stretton Street, (c) Devonshire House Piccadilly, Great Jermyn Street, St James's Market, Hedge Lane, Arlington Street, St James's Street, Berry Street, Duke Street, York Street, St James's Square, Charles Street, St Albans Street, Market Lane, (Z) Opera House Hay Market, Suffolk Street, (m) Theatre Hay Market, Park Place, King Street, Pall Mall, (b) Carlton House Pall Mall , Cockspur Street & Warwick Street British Museum, Bedford House, Southampton Row, Gloucester Street, Devonshire Street, New North Street, Red Lion Street, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury Square, King Street, Theobalds Row, Bedford Row, Vine Street, Duke Street, Queen Street, Gilbert Street, Little Russel Street, (80) St George's Bloomsbury, Hart Street, Southampton, Kinsgate Street, Red Lion Square, Prince Street, Bedford Street, Lee Street, Eagle Street, Dean Street, High Street, Banbridge Street, Buckingham Street, Dyot Street, Church Street, Plumb Tree Street, Bow Street, Hide Street, Holborn, Hog Lane, Denmark Street, Broad St Giles Street, (83) St Gile's In The Field High Street, Coal Yard, Lutenors Lane, Newton Street, Little Queen Street, Whetston Park, Compton Street, Church Street, Phoenix Street, Monmouth Street, Earl Street, White Lion Street, 7 Dials, Andrews Street, King Street, Bolton Street, Shorts Gardens, Brownlow Street, St Thomas Street, Parkers Lane, Great Queen Street, West Row, Newmans Row, Lincolns Inn Fields, Portugal Row, Portugal Street, Grafton Street, West Street, Litchfield Street, Tower Street, Castle Street, Mercer Street, Cross Lane, Hanover Street, Dirty Lane, Drury Lane, Wild Street, Little Wild Street, Dukes Street, Vere Street, Gerrard Street, Porter Street, Newport Street, St Martins Lane, Long Acre, Hart Street, James Street, (l) Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Broad Court, Dukes Court, Bow Street, Russell Street, (k) Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Russel Court, Princes Street, White Horse Yard, Stanhope Street, Blackmore Street, Clare Market, Clements Lane, New Inn, Clements Lane, (d) Leicester House Leicester Square, Leicester Square, Bear Street, Castle Street, New Street, Bedfordbury, King Street, Bedford Street, Henrietta Street, Maiden Lane, (97) St Paul's Church Covent Garden, Covent Garden Market, Southampton Street, Tavistock Street, York Street, Exeter Street, (L) Exeter Exchange Strand, Bridges Street, Catherine Street, White Hart Yard, Swan Yard, The Strand, (92) St Mary Le Strand Church, Wych Street, Lions Lane, Holywell Street, St Martins Street, Bennings Row, Dukes Court, (91) St Martin's Church St Martin's Lane, Chandois Street, Half Moon Street, The Strand, Kings Mews, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, Spring Gardens, Northumberland Street, Craven Street, Hungerford Market, Villers Street, Buckingham Street, George Street, Adam Street, Salisbury Street, Cecil Streets, (93) St Mary Le Savoy, The Savoy, Somerset House, Surry Street, Norfolk Street, Hungerford Stairs, York Buildings Stairs, Adelphi Buildings, Salisbury Stairs, Savoy Stairs, Somerset Water Gate, Strand Bridge, Surry Stairs, River Thames & Cupers Bridge Bedford Street, Bedford Row, Brownlow Street, Holborn, Fullers Row, Grays Inn, Grays Inn Lane, Baldwins Garden, Leather Lane, Cross Street, Grenville Street, Brook Street, Furnivals Inn, Charles Street, Hatton Street, Great Kirby Street, Ely House, Union Court, Field Lane, Saffron Hill, Peter Street, Turnmill Street, Cow Cross, Chick Lane, Red Lion Street, St Johns Lane, St Johns Street, (Q) Hicksís Hall St Johns Street, Charter House Square, Charter House Lane, West Smith Field, (17) St Bartholomew The Less West Smithfield, Long Lane, Cloth Fair, Duck Lane, (C) St Bartholomewís Hospital West Smithfield, Cow Lane, Hosier Lane, Cock Lane, Snow Hill, (70) St Sepulchreís Snow Hill, Gilispur Street, Newgate Street, (G) Christís Hospital Newgate Street, Portugal Street, Clements Lane, Wych Street, Holywell Street, The Strand, (78) St Clement Danes Strand, Searle Street, Butcher Row, Lincolns Inn, (i) Stamp Office Lincolns Inn, Carey Street, Sheer Lane, Bell Yard, Chancery Lane, Temple Bar, Southampton Row, Staples Inn, Cursitor Street, Castle Yard, (D) Bernardís Inn Holborn, Magpye Alley, Rolls, (H) Cliffordís Inn Fleet Street, (30) St Dunstanís In The West Fleet Street, Fetter Lane, (f) Royal Society House Crane Court Fleet Street, Bartlets Buildings, Dean Street, Great New Street, Little New Street, East Harden Street, (9) St Andrewís Holborn, Shoe Lane, Stone Cutters, Harp Alley, Fleet Street, Fleet Market, Turnagain Lane, Bear Alley, Fleet Lane, (M) Fleet Prison Fleet Market, Ludgate Hill, Old Bailey, (g) Sessionís House Old Bailey, (b) Physicianís College Warwick Lane, (45) St Martinís Ludgate Street, Warwick Lane, Ave Mary Lane, Ludgate, Newgate Market, Pater Noster Row, St Pauls Churchyard, St Paul, Norfolk Street, Arundell Street, Water Street, Milford Lane, Essex Street, Temple Lane, (74) Temple Church Inner Temple, The Temple, Lombard Street, Water Lane, Salisbury Court, Dorset Street, (24) St Brideís Fleet Street, (F)  Bridewell Hospital & Prison Fleet Ditch, Water Lane, Black Fryers Street, Shoemaker Row, Holland Street, Puddle Dock Hill, (11) St Annís Black Friers, Addle Hill, Carter Lane, Knightrider Street, (20) St Bennetís Pauls Wharf, Thames Street, River Thames, Arundell Stairs, Essex Stairs, Temple Stairs, White Fryers Stairs, Dorset Stairs, Black Fryers Bridge, Puddle Dock, Pauls Wharf, Morris's Causeway, Old Barge House Stairs, Bull Stairs, Paris Garden Stairs, Falcon Stairs, Molestrand Dock & Molestrand Stairs Charter House Square, Carthusian Street, Long Lane, Pickax Street, Bridgewater Garden, Barbican, Pauls Alley, Golden Lane, Red Cross Street, Beech Lane, White Cross Street, Bunhill Row, Chiswell Street, Grub Street, Ropemakers Alley, Moor Fields, King Street, Crown Alley, Hand Alley, Cloth Fair, New Street, (16) St Bartholomew The Great West Smithfield, Duck Lane, Bartholomew Close, Little Britain, (21) St Botolphís Aldersgate, Butcher Hall Lane, Aldersgate Street, St Anns Lane, (12) St Annís Aldersgate, Jewen Street, Fore Street, (34) St Gilesís Cripplegate, Noble Street, Monkwell Street, Silver Street, Wood Street, Little Wood Street, (h) Sion College London Wall, Addle Street, (1) St Albanís Wood Street, (48) St Mary Aldermanbury, (8) St Alphage London Wall, Aldermanbury, (56) St Michael Bassishaw Basinghall Street, Jasper Street, Basinghall Street, More Lane, Tanters Alley, Finsbury, Moor Fields, Bedlam Hospital, Long Alley, Broad Street, Old Bedlam, North Broad Street, (6) Allhallowís London Wall, London Wall, Winchester Street, (a) Pay Office Broad Street, Newgate Street, (G) Christís Hospital Newgate Street, (25) Christ Church Newgate Street, St Martins le Grand, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, St Paul, St Pauls Churchyard, Carter Lane, Knightriders, Foster Lane, (76) St Vedast Foster Lane, Gutter Lane, Maiden Lane, (61) St Michaelís Wood Street, (q) Wood Street Compter Cheapside, Lad Lane, (41) St Laurence Jewry Cateaton Street, Cateaton, Milk Street, King Street, (O) Guild Hall King Street Cheapside, Ironmonger Street, (66) St Olaveís Old Jewry, Old Jury, (d) Poultry Compter, Cheapside, Poultry, (63) St Mildredís Poultry, Old Change, (55) St Matthew Friday Street, Watling Street, (14) St Austinís Watling Street, Distaff Lane, Friday Street, Bread Street, (50) St Mary le Bow Cheapside, (3) Allhallowís Bread Street, (62) St Mildredís Bread Street, Basing Lane, Pancras Lane, Syths Lane, Bucklersbury, (71) St Stephenís Coleman Street, Coleman Street, Bell Yard, Bell Alley, (43) St Margaretís Lothbury, Lothbury, Throgmorton Street, (69) St Peter be Poor Broad Street, Broad Street, (K) Excise Office Broad Street, Princess Street, Threadneedle Street, (26) St Christopherís Threadneedle Street, (B) Bank of England Threadneedle Street, (15) St Bartholomew Royal Exchange, Pig Street, South Sea House, Finch Lane, (e) Royal Exchange Cornhill, (18) St Bennet Fink Threadneedle Street, (46) St Martin Outwich Threadneedle Street, (S) Mansion House Walbrook, Cornhill, (57) St Michaelís Cornhill, (68) St Peterís Cornhill, (P) Heraldís Office Doctors Commons, St Peters Hill, (52) St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street, Lambeth, (64) St Nicholaís Cole Abby Old Fish Street, Old Fish Street, Fish Street, Bread Street Hill, Trinity Lane, Bow Lane, (49) St Mary Aldermary Bow Lane, Garlick House, (37) St Jamesís Garlick Hill, St Thomas Apostle, New Queen Street, College Hill, (60) St Michaelís Royal College Hill, Budge Row, (13) St Antholinís Budge Row, Cloak Lane, Dowgate Hill, Walbrook, (72) St Stephen Walbrook, Lombard Street, (c) Post Office Lombard Street, (54) St Mary Woolnoth Sherborn Lane, Birchin Lane, (31) St Edmund The King Lombard Street, Gracechurch Street, Fenchurch Street, (19) St Bennetís Gracechurch Fenchurch Street, (28) St Dionis Backchurch Fenchurch Street, Philpot Lane, St Swithins Lane, (73) St Swithinís Cannon Street, Sherborn Lane, (47) St Mary Abchurch Abchurch Lane, Abechurch Lane, St Nicholas Lane, St Clements Lane, (27) St Clementís Eastcheap, Cannon Street, Great Eastcheap, Little Eastcheap, Bush Lane, Suffolk Lane, St Martins Lane, St Michaels Lane, (58) St Michaelís Crooked Lane, Fish Street Hill, (U) Monument Fish Street Hill, Pudding Lane, (33) St Georges Botolph Lane, Botolph Lane, Love Lane, (51) St Mary At Hill St Marys Hill, St Mary Hill, Thames Street, (53) St Mary Somerset Thames Street, (59) St Michaelís Queen Hithe, (4) Allhallowís the Great Thames Street, (42) St Magnus London Bridge, Trig Lane, Trig Stairs, Queen Hith, 3 Cranes Stairs, Crane Lane, Steel Yard Stairs, Coal Harbour Stairs, Old Swan Stairs, London Bridge, Billingsgate & River Thames Worthup Street, Phoenix Street, St John's Street, Fleet Street, Princes Street, Long Alley, Hog Lane, Norton Folgate, Blossom Street, Wheeler Street, Quakers Street, Brick Lane, North George Street, Spicer Street, King Street, White Lion Yard, Pearl Street, Gray Eagle Street, Eagle Street, Pelham Street, Spittle Street, Primrose Street, Skinner Street, Spittle Square, Lamb Street, Browns Lane, Wells Street, Crown Alley, Hand Alley, Long Alley, Angel Alley, Lamb Alley, Sun Street, Dunnings Alley, Half Moon Alley, Bishopsgate Street, Duke Street, Steward Street, Gunn Street, Crispin Street, Spittle Market, Paternoster Row, Red Lion Street, Wood Street, Church Street, Christ Church Spittle Fields, Brick Lane, Booth Street, Broad Street, Artillery Lane, Widegate Street, Dorset Street, White Row, Fashion Street, Old Bedlam, (23) St Botolph's Bishopsgate, Hand Alley, Devonshire Street, Petticoat Lane, Bell Yard, Rose Lane, North Broad Street, Wormwood Street, Cammomile Street, Houndsditch, Coffer Street, Gravil Lane, Wentworth Street, Golston Street, Old Castle Street, Catherine Wheel Alley, George Yard, Bell Yard, Montagu Street, South Sea House, Bishopsgate Street, (32) St Ethelburg's Bishopsgate Street, (35) St Helen's Bishopsgate Street, Mary Axe, Beavis Market, Berry Street, King Street, Shoemaker Row, (22) St Botolph's Church Aldgate, White Chapel, Leaden Hall Street, (I) East India House Leadenhall Street, (10) St Andrews Undershaft St Mary Axe, (39) St Katherine Cree Church Leadenhall Street, (36) St James's Dukes Place, High Street, Somerset Street, Half Moon Street, Buckle Street, Were Street, Red Lion Street, Colchester Street, Church Lane, Lyme Street, Fenchurch Street, Billiter Lane, (38) St Katherine Coleman Fenchurch Street, Poor Jury Lane, George Street, Vine Street, The Minories, (75) Trinity Church Minories, Heydon Yard, Mansel Street, Ayliff Street, Goodmans Fields, Lemon Street, Rupert Street, Lambeth Street, Rood Lane, (44) St Margaret Pattens Little Tower Street, Mincing Lane, (7) Allhallow's Staining Mark Lane, Mark Lane, (65) St Olave's Hart Street Crutched Friers, Seething Lane, Crutched Fryers, (V) Navy Office Crutched Friers, Crescent, Swan Street, Goodmans Yard, Prescot Street, Chamber Street, White Lion Street, St Mary Hill, Idol Lane, Tower Street, (29) St Dunstan's In The East St Dunstans Hill, Harp Lane, (n) Trinity House Water Lane Tower Street, (2) Allhallow's Barking Tower Street, Great Tower Hill, Little Tower Hill, Rosemary Lane, Victualing Office, Church Yard Alley, Blue Anchor Yard, Whites Yard & Salt Petre Bank St John's Street, Fleet Street, Spicer Street, Dog Row, Red Cow Lane, Wells Street, High Street, Church Street, Montagu Street, Whites Row, Ducking Pond Row, (j) Skinnerís Alms Houses Mile End, (o) Vintnerís Alms Houses Mile End, White Chapel Road, London Hospital, Mile End Old Town, Mile End Green, St Mary, New Road, White Horse Lane, Mill Yard, Church Lane, Cable Street, Knock Fergus, Bluegates Field, Back Lane, West Street, Well Close Square, Betts Street, Denmark Street & Cannon Street Red Cow Lane, Globe Lane, Mile End Old Town, Mile End, Mutton Row, Mile End Green, White Horse Lane, Redmands Row, Stepney Green, Ocean Street, Stepney, Bull Lane, Stepney Town, Church Yard, Vinegar Lane, Stepney Causeway, White Horse Lane, Ratcliff Square, White Horse Street, Rose Lane, Back Lane, Cutthroat Lane, Brook Street, Schoolhouse Lane, Butcher Row & Narrow Street
Part Of Hide Park, Hartford Street, Hamilton Street, Down Lane, Hide Park Corner, Green Park, St Georges Hospital, Grosvenor Place, Constitution Hill, Queens Garden, Lock Hospital, Pimlico, Dukes Hospital, Kings Road, The Five Fields, Acton Street, Chelsea Road, Queens Row, Fire Engine & Chelsea Water Works St James's Street, St James's Place, Pall Mall, (f) York House Pall Mall, (e) Marlborough House St James's Park, Green Park, Queens Walk, Clevelands, St James's Palace, St James's Park, Queens Palace, Duke Street, Charles Street, Gardeners Lane, George Street, Staffords Place, Queens Row, Charlotte Street, Princes Row, James Street, Castle Lane, Westminster Infirmary, Dacres Alms House, Petty France, Little Chapel Street, Queen Street, Broadway, Dacres Street, St John's Street, Bennet Street, Long Lane, Tothill Street, (N) Gatehouse Westminster, Broad Sanctuary, St Peter, North Tothill Street, Queens Road, Deans Yard, Orchard Street, Duck Lane, Pye Street, New Pye Street, Great St Anns Street, Smith Street, Bowling Alley, Bridewell, Green Coat Hospital, Rochester Row, Grey Coat Hospital, Peter Street, Masham Street, Tufton Street, Vine Street, Horse Ferry Road, Market Street & Tothill Fields  Spring Garden, (A) Admiralty Office Charing Cross, Parade, Horse Guards, Treasury, White Hall, Cockpit, Scotland Yard, White Hall, Privy Gardens, River Thames, Hungerford Stairs, White Hall Stairs, Privy Gardens Stairs, Cupers Bridge, Narrow Wall, Kings Arms Stairs, Colledge Street, Vine Street, Charles Street, Gardeners Lane, George Street, King Street, Parliament Street, Channel Row, Bridge Street, Manchester Stairs, Westminster Bridge, Broad Sanctuary, (90) St Margaretís Near Westminster Abby, St Peter, New Palace Yard, (J) Exchequer New Palace Yard, (p) Westminster Hall New Palace Yard, College Street, Abingdon Street, Parliament Stairs, Narrow Wall, Stangate Stairs, Lambeth Marsh, Wood Street, St John, Millbank, Vine Street, Market Street, Millbank, Lambeth Stairs, St Mary, Lambeth Palace, Hercules Buildings, Horse Ferry & Church Street River Thames, Morris's Causeway, Old Barge House Stairs, Bull Stairs, Blackfryers Bridge, Paris Garden Stairs, Falcon Stairs, Molestrand Dock, Molestrand Stairs, Narrow Wall, The Upper Ground, Willow Street, Gravel Lane, Love Lane, Maid Lane, Vine Street, Broad Walk, Bennet Street, Christ Church, Angel Street, George's Road, Gravel Lane, Evers Street, Duke Street, Queen Street, Lowman Street, Pond Street, Lambeth Marsh, New Magdalen, Dirty Lane, King's Bench Prison, New Road, St Georges Fields, Hercules Buildings, Asylum, New Road To Kennington Common, & Dog & Duck River Thames, Goat Stairs, 3 Cranes Stairs, Horseshoe Alley Stairs, Bankend Stairs, Steel Yard Stairs, St Mary Overies Stairs, Cold Harbour Stairs, Old Swan Stairs, Cock Alley Stairs, Pepper Alley Stairs, London Bridge, Tooly Stairs, Billingsgate, North Thomas Street, Bear Garden, Maid Lane, Dead Mans Place, Chalk Street, Stoney Street, Bandy Leg Walk, New Rents, (98) St Saviourís Southwark, Font Lane, Tooly Street, (95) St Olaveís Tooley Street, Mill Lane, Joyners Street, St Thomas's House, (99) St Thomas St Thomasís Street, St Thomas's, St Thomas's Street, Queen Street, West Cross Street, Red Cross Street, (E) Borough Court St Margarets Hill, (W) New Goal Southwark, The Borough, Guys Hospital, The Maze Pond, (T) Marshalsea Prison Southwark, Snows Fields, Barnaby or Bermondsey Street, Peter Street, Queen Street, Mint Street, Dirty Lane, Blackman Street, Church Lane, (82) St Georgeís In The Borough, White Street, Kent Street & Long Lane Tower Street, Great Tower Hill, Little Tower Hill, Victualling Office, Church Yard Alley, Blue Ancher Yard, Whites Yard, Salt Petre Bank, Thames Street, Tower, (67) St Peter's Ad Vincula In The Tower, St Catherines, East Smithfield, (40) St Katherine's Church Near The Tower, Pillory Lane, Red Cross Street, Nightingale Lane, St Catherines, Maudlings Rents, Burr Street, St Catherines, River Thames, Custom House, Tower Stairs, Traitors Bridge, Iron Gate Stairs, Alderman Parsons Stairs, Hermitage Dock, Battle Bridge, Pickle Herring Stairs, Still Stairs, Dancing Bridge, Horsleydown New Stairs, Horsleydown Old Stairs, St Saviours Dock, Savory Mill Stairs, East Lane Stairs, Morgans Lane, St Olaves Street, Stoney Lane, Pickle Herring Street, Vine Yard, Horsley Down, Shad Thames, Gainsford Street, Barnaby Or Bermondsey Street, Crucifix Lane, Dog & Bear Yard, Parish Street, (88) St John's Fair Street Horsley Down, Horsley Down Fair Street, Free School Street, Five Foot Lane, New Street, Shad Thames, Mill Street, Jacob Street, Water Lane, The Folley, Redriff, East Lane, St Mary Magdalen, Long Walk, The Kings Road, Grange Walk, The Grange, Neckinger Road, New Road & Rope Walk West Street, Well Close Square, Betts Street, Denmark Street, Cannon Street, St George, Sun Tavern Fields, Ratcliff Highway, Upper Shadwell, Pennington Street, Nightingale Lane, James's Rope Walk, Virginia Street, Old Gravel Lane, New Gravel Lane, Farmer Street, Shakespears Walk, Middle Yard, Hermitage Street, Artichoak Lane, Pearl Street, King Street, New Hermitage Street, Wapping, Green Lane, (87) St Johnís Wapping, Wapping Dock, River Thames, East Lane Stairs, Union Stairs, Wapping Old Stairs, Wapping New Stairs, Execution Dock, King Edward Stairs, Frying Pan Stairs, New Crane Stairs, 3 Mariners Stairs, Fountain Stairs, Cherry Garden Stairs, West Lane Stairs, Redriff Stairs, King Stairs, Elephant Stairs, Church Stairs, Hanover Stairs, Redriff, Rotherhith or Redriff, (94) St Maryís Rotherhith, Marygold Street, Cherry Garden Street, West Lane, Millpond Road, Old Paradice Street & New Paradice Street Sun Tavern Fields, Cutthroat Lane, School House Lane, Upper Shadwell, (96) St Paulís Shadwell, Broad Street, Narrow Street, Middle Shadwell, Dean Street, Spring Street, Fox Lane, Wapping, Lower Shadwell, River Thames, King James's Stairs, Pelican Stairs, Shadwell Dock, Shadwell Dock Stairs, Coal Stairs, Bell Wharf Stairs, Great Stone Stairs, Trinity Stairs, Stone Stairs, Hanover Stairs, King & Queen Stairs, Globe Stairs, Shipwright Street, Jamaica Street & Hanover Street
Strumbelo & Chelsea Water Works Tothill Fields River Thames, White Hart Stairs, Fore Street, Back Lane, Paradice Row & Lambeth Butts New Road To Kennington Common, Fishermongerís Alms Houses, Newington Butts & St Mary Kent Street & New Road The Kings Road, Grange Road, Rope Makers Walk & Blue Anchor Road Map Scale Map Scale

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Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan Of The Cities Of London And Westminster With The Borough Of Southwark, Exhibiting The New Buildings To The Year 1775.



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