Lavars's New & Improved Map Of Bristol & Clifton c1863 MAPCO

Lavars's New & Improved Map Of Bristol & Clifton c1863

Durdham Down, River Avon, & Port & Pier Railway Quarry, Redland Hall, Durdham Down, Redland, Nursery, Zoological Gardens, & Pembroke House Redland, Redland Chapel, Redland Court, Woolcot Park, Nursery, & Cotham Claremont Crescent, Turnpike Gate, Montpelier Farm, & Nine Tree Hill Ashley Court, Ashley Green, Orphan Asylum, Hooks Mills, Baptist Mills, & Newfoundland Cottages South Wales Union Railway, Brickmakers Arms, Blackbirds Gate, Higgs's Brick Yard, Lebeck Gate, Stapleton Road, & Euston Coal Works
Port & Pier Railway, Clifton Gate, Clifton, Clifton Observatory, Port & Pier Railway Station, Clifton Suspension Bridge (Under Construction), St Vincents Rocks, Hotwell House, River Avon, Bower Walls, & Rownham House Zoological Gardens, Clifton, Clifton Park, Clifton Down, West Mall, The Mall, Victoria Square, Royal York Cresent, River Avon, & Clifton Vale Cotham, Victoria Reservoir, The Triangle, Blind Asylum, Tyndall's Park, Berkley Square, Brandon Hill, Mansion House, College Green, Gas Works, & River Avon Nine Tree Hill, King Square, Brunswick Square, Portland Square, James's Square, St James Churchyard, Bristol Bridge, Floating Harbour, & Queen Square Portland Square, Stapleton Road, Prison, Old Market Street, Midland Goods Station, Coal Wharf, Tram Road, Iron Works, Floating Harbour, Great Western Terminus, Goods Station, Bristol & Exeter Railway Station, & Cattle Market Stapleton Road, Euston Coal Works, Brick Yard, Tram Road, Bristol & Birmingham Railway, South Wales Union Railway, Barrow House, Great Western Railway, Iron Works, Coal Yard, & The Feeder
Ashton Park, & Borough Ashton Bonding Yard, Cumberland Basin, Floating Dock, Floating Harbour, River Avon, Clift House, Ashton Gate, & Brewery Floating Harbour, Ship Yard, Cumberland Road, River Avon, Coronation Road, Southville, Merrywood Hall, Bedminster House, & Bedminster The Grove, Floating Harbour, New Gaol, Bathurst Basin, Somerset Square, River Avon, Southville, Bedminster, Bristol & Exeter Railway, & Windmill Hill Great Western Terminus, Bristol & Exeter Railway Station, Cattle Market, The Marsh, Avon River, Bristol & Exeter Railway, Bristol & Exeter Railway Workshops, Pylle Hill, & Totterdown The Marsh, River Avon, Road To Bath, & Arnos Vale Cemetery

The Atlas

Full Title:
Lavars's New & Improved Map Of Bristol & Clifton c1863.
Lithographed & Published By Him At Broad Street Hall, Bristol.
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Cover Title:
Pocket Guide To Bristol And Suburbs, With More Than One Thousand References To Streets, Buildings, &c.
And A Large Map.
Printed In Colours, Dissected & Mounted On Cloth,
Price 3x. 6d.
Bristol: J. Lavars, And All Booksellers.
London: Houlston & Wright, Paternoster Row.
This Map Can Be Had In A Frame, With Glass; Or The Cheap Editions, Plain, One Shilling And Two Shillings.
J. Lavars, Broad Street Hall, Bristol
62.5cm x 49cm (24½" x 19¼")
73/8" : 1 Statute Mile
Claremont Crescent - Barrow House - Windmill Hill - Bower Walls
Machine coloured map, dissected and mounted on linen. Folds into hard card case, with paper label. An interesting and rare antique map of Bristol & Clifton.

Includes an index to streets and buildings, but many streets and lanes are not labelled on the map.

A main point of interest is that this map was produced between the recommencement of work on the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1862, and its completion in 1864.

Extremely useful for finding Bristol streets in the 1861 Census, this is a very rare map of Bristol from this period.

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