Lavars's New & Improved Map Of Bristol & Clifton c1863 MAPCO

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The Marsh, River Avon, Road To Bath,
Arnos Vale Cemetery

Durdham Down, River Avon, & Port & Pier Railway Quarry, Redland Hall, Durdham Down, Redland, Nursery, Zoological Gardens, & Pembroke House Redland, Redland Chapel, Redland Court, Woolcot Park, Nursery, & Cotham Claremont Crescent, Turnpike Gate, Montpelier Farm, & Nine Tree Hill Ashley Court, Ashley Green, Orphan Asylum, Hooks Mills, Baptist Mills, & Newfoundland Cottages South Wales Union Railway, Brickmakers Arms, Blackbirds Gate, Higgs's Brick Yard, Lebeck Gate, Stapleton Road, & Euston Coal Works
Port & Pier Railway, Clifton Gate, Clifton, Clifton Observatory, Port & Pier Railway Station, Clifton Suspension Bridge (Under Construction), St Vincents Rocks, Hotwell House, River Avon, Bower Walls, & Rownham House Zoological Gardens, Clifton, Clifton Park, Clifton Down, West Mall, The Mall, Victoria Square, Royal York Cresent, River Avon, & Clifton Vale Cotham, Victoria Reservoir, The Triangle, Blind Asylum, Tyndall's Park, Berkley Square, Brandon Hill, Mansion House, College Green, Gas Works, & River Avon Nine Tree Hill, King Square, Brunswick Square, Portland Square, James's Square, St James Churchyard, Bristol Bridge, Floating Harbour, & Queen Square Portland Square, Stapleton Road, Prison, Old Market Street, Midland Goods Station, Coal Wharf, Tram Road, Iron Works, Floating Harbour, Great Western Terminus, Goods Station, Bristol & Exeter Railway Station, & Cattle Market Stapleton Road, Euston Coal Works, Brick Yard, Tram Road, Bristol & Birmingham Railway, South Wales Union Railway, Barrow House, Great Western Railway, Iron Works, Coal Yard, & The Feeder
Ashton Park, & Borough Ashton Bonding Yard, Cumberland Basin, Floating Dock, Floating Harbour, River Avon, Clift House, Ashton Gate, & Brewery Floating Harbour, Ship Yard, Cumberland Road, River Avon, Coronation Road, Southville, Merrywood Hall, Bedminster House, & Bedminster The Grove, Floating Harbour, New Gaol, Bathurst Basin, Somerset Square, River Avon, Southville, Bedminster, Bristol & Exeter Railway, & Windmill Hill Great Western Terminus, Bristol & Exeter Railway Station, Cattle Market, The Marsh, Avon River, Bristol & Exeter Railway, Bristol & Exeter Railway Workshops, Pylle Hill, & Totterdown The Marsh, River Avon, Road To Bath, & Arnos Vale Cemetery

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