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The Uxbridge Road Royal Arms of James I St Gyles In The Fyeld Middlesex Middlesex Middlesex Clarken Well Charterhouse & Title Ribbon Title Ribbon & Creplegate Finsburie Fynesburie Fyeld & Dogge Hous Bisshoppes Gate & Shordiche The Spurl Fyeld Middlesex City of London Arms Middlesex
The Waye To Redinge & St. Jemes Parke Charingcrosse Yorke Place & Duresme Place Somerset Place Houlburne & St Clement St Doste In The West & Fleete Streate Cowe Crosse & Fleete Bruge Newgat Market & Paules Church Chepesyde & Tames Streate More Gate & St Thomas Lane More Fyeld & London Ston Busshoppes Gate & New Fyshe Streate Hounsdiche & Towre Streate Alde Gate & Towre Hyll The Towre Of London The Barres & St Keteren
Kinges Streate & Westmunster The Thames at Westmunster & Lambeth Lambeth This antient and famous City of London... This antient and famous City of London... Lambeth Paris Garden The Thames At Baynardes Castel The Banck & The Bolle Bayting Arena The Banck & The Beare Bayting Arena Whin Oster London Bridge & Southwake Bylynges Gate Battle Bridge & New Troy my name... The Towre & A Beere Howse Towre Streate & Horsley Downe

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